Flash Movie Review: Iron Man 3

Anticipation builds as the roller coaster climbs to the top where the tracks suddenly vanish. As the coaster car creeps over the top, I take a deep breath just before the wind pushes me against my seat. The next 60 seconds are filled with laughter and yelling from everyone as the roller coaster swoops and soars along the tracks. I enjoyed those older roller coasters, before they started doing corkscrews and flips. When I started taking ibuprofen after riding a roller coaster, I realized it was time to stop going on them. Happily I was able to revisit those same type of thrills while watching this rip-roaring film. After a couple of months sitting through some dismal movies, this 3rd installment of the action series was absolute fun. If it is important to you that the story follows the comic books, you will be disappointed. Since I am not a purist, I thought the story was terrific. Sure there were parts that made no sense to me; but the entertainment value was at such a high level, I just went along for the ride. When the mysterious, ruthless villain known as the Mandarin, played brilliantly by Ben Kingsley (Hugo, The Dictator), struck out at Tony Stark, played by Robert Downey Jr. (The Avengers, Due Date), the ensuing battle no longer was about good versus evil; it was about revenge. Robert was at his best this time around. Pay close attention to his quick one-liners that were flying out from the wonderful script. With the actors being pushed physically, I thought Gwyneth Paltrow (Country Strong, Proof) as Pepper Potts and Guy Pearce (Lawless, Prometheus) as Aldrich Killian were outstanding. The same was true about Don Cheadle (Traitor, Reign Over Me) as Colonel James Rhodes, but I wished he had been given more screen time. The action scenes were perfectly balanced throughout the movie. I never felt the fight scenes were rushed; I was able to distinctly make out each character. Just like those old roller coasters; this film was exciting entertainment. So take the ride of your life; it will be worth the price of admission. Stay through the ending credits.


3 1/3 stars

About moviejoltz

From a long line of movie afficionados, one brother was the #1 renter of movies in the country with Blockbuster, I am following in the same traditions that came before me. To balance out the long hours seated in dark movie theaters, I also teach yoga and cycling. For the past 3 years, I have correctly picked the major Oscar winners... so join me as we explore the wonder of movies and search for that perfect 4 star movie.

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  1. thanks for the tip on the credits. Did you ever go to Cedar Point and ride the Blue Streak?
    it was famous back in the day. The first seat car was scary but the last car felt like it wasn’t even on the track.

  2. Nice review. Mine will be up in about 30 minutes then we can compare notes. 😉

  3. Great write up!

    I agree! Super fun, indeed.

  4. dawnspitfire

    Glad for this review….I really like Robert Downy jr. ♡

  5. Great review. I stopped caring about the plot following the comics when they retconed everything back in the last 90s. (I also said, blow this and stopped collecting after 15 years.)

    I enjoyed the movie for what it was, too, though thought the motivation for the villain to become evil was kinda lame. 🙂

    • Hey, I agree with you on the motivation aspect. If you still have items you use to collect, you may have a few bigger options with them since the movie.

  6. your review makes me want to go to the theatre now instead of waiting for it on DVD… thanks!

  7. Two nights ago, my better half & I saw Iron Man 3. We both experienced that same wind-like- force pushing us back into our seats that you mentioned about the roller coaster …Maybe they were G-Forces … I liked your review … Accurate in my low-insight opinion … I totally agree about Don Cheadle, your wish that we had seen more of him … I have come to appreciate Don Cheadle immensely as an actor … He’s done some good work. And R. Downing’s lines, his quips … HA! You know I really liked his dialogs with the boy … For that matter, the boy did a good job. Thank you for visiting Wilder Man on Rolling Creek blog. Peace, T

    • Let me thank you for coming and telling us about your time at the movie theater, watching this fun film. I’m so glad you had a similar experience to mine and enjoyed yourselves. Thank you.

  8. I love you for including a third of a star in your rating.

  9. love your review and loved the movie, I went a couple of weeks to watch in 3D … i’m a closet comic book hero fan lol ….

  10. The Dancing Rider

    We saw this recently, and I agree with your review. We have the other two and decided to rent this one prior to adding it to the collection. It certainly was worth the rental price! When it goes down in price, we will probably buy it. We liked it for what it was, rather than somethinng someone thought it should be. If that makes sense.

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