My Rating System

My rating system is with stars. If you see one star on a review, better to stay away or risk being overcome by boredom. If you see four stars, this film will transport and immerse you into its world. Where else can you get the opportunity to experience a different reality than your own than by going to see a movie!

My Rating System

  1. I have a friend who rates movies by pillows based on how many times he nods off. It sounds like Anna Karenina would have a gotten a few pillows.

  2. Thanks for the like on my blog! Now I know where to come for movie reviews!

  3. Hey there! I love movies and am addicted to movie reviews so I gave you a follow! Great blog, and thanks for the like!! 😀

    • Thank you for coming by and becoming a part of the group. Nice to hear your into movie reviews, so I hope I can surprise you once in a while with a hidden treasure. Happy new year and Oscar season.

  4. Wow, very interesting Blog !!!

  5. shanesbookblog

    Hey, Hope you do a review on “The Last Stand”.

    It was the best Action film I have seen in a very long time, certainly the best to come out this year so far.

    Arnold might be getting old, but my God does he have some fight left in him!

    • I already reviewed Arnold’s movie. Please feel free to check it out by entering the movie title into the search function in the upper right of my site. Thanks for stopping to leave your comments.

  6. I’m a big fan of your blog. I was just wondering if you could possibly add four categories for films for which have been rated one, two,three or four stars?

    • You are not the 1st one to ask me. I originally thought the search function on the site would pull up movies by the ratings. Today I discovered if you type “moviejoltz 4 stars” into a search engine like Safari or Firefox, it will show all the 4 star movies. I will check to see what kind of options are available to add to my site. Thank you for the suggestion and your kind words.

  7. Thanks for visiting my blog and I’m glad I checked out yours. I love movies but there are so many these days to choose from! By consulting your rating, I can spend my time and money wisely. I’m glad you review some of the old ones on DVD as well as the new releases.

    • Hi Marie it is a pleasure meeting a fellow movie lover. I hope my reviews will save you money and increase your fun at the movies. Thank you for coming by to leave your comments and keep up your wonderful posts. Be well.

  8. Thank you for taking the time to read and like my blog 🙂

  9. Any one ever tell you you look like Tom Hanks

  10. (This may double post due to log in issues.)

    Thanks for liking my blog. I believe there is a movie in my life story somewhere so who knows, maybe one day you will be rating it too.

    I’m a huge movie buff as well and thoroughly enjoy action packed character driven dramas. I also enjoy Science Fiction, Comic Book and Horror movies. Most of the Marvel movies have been excellent with the exception of Ang Lee’s Hulk, Daredevil and Ghost Rider. I have yet to be impressed by a DC Comics movie though Nolan’s Batman Begins wasn’t terrible. Some of favorite Science Fiction films include Aliens, Predator, Men in Black and Galaxy Quest. Horror movies… Saw III, The Exorcist.

    I’m not normally a fan of romantic comedies as most seem to be going through an identity crisis where they can’t decide if they want to romantic or funny, usually fail at both and leave me bored.

    I do like a few select romantic movies as long as they offer something other than the boy meets girl, falls in love and lives happily ever after cliche. Some of my favorite romantic movies are (in no certain order) Meet Joe Black, Titanic, Braveheart, Gladiator, In Time and The Lake House. I also avoid anything with sparkly fangless emo vampires at all costs.

    So based on what I’ve shared above, do you have any recommendations for me?

    • Thank you for coming by to leave your comments and share your movie tastes with me. There are so many films to mention, but off the top of my head here is a list for you: Star Trek into Darkness, Killer Joe, The Conjuring, The Cabin in the Woods, Skyfall, Inception and Amour. I am curious to hear what you think about Ben Affleck becoming the new Batman? I hope I will get the opportunity to review the movie of your life someday. Thanks again, I appreciate it.

      • I have a feeling we could spend hours talking about movies.

        Looking at your suggestions…

        Star Trek: Into Darkness – I have not seen it yet but I want to despite its less than stellar reviews. I really enjoyed Abrams’ reboot of the franchise and I’m willing to give it a chance as a rental.

        Killer Joe – I will never look at fried chicken legs the same again. Raring: 3/5

        The Conjuring – I have not seen it and really not sure I want to. Wasn’t it produced by the same group that did the Paranormal Activity franchise? I had such high hopes for that movie after hearing how scary it was but it left me bored. I’m not a fan of the handheld camera craze that is currently cluttering our theaters either. I like my movies to be a bit more polished in the end.

        The Cabin in the Woods – Surprisingly entertaining. Whedon has been hit and miss with me. I wasn’t a fan of Buffy but I like Angel. I’m a fan of Firefly but not Dollhouse. And of course he was on the money with The Avengers, which I believe is my favorite Marvel movie yet.

        Inception – It was an enjoyable movie but I figured out the big surprise early into it. I really dig movies with surprising twists but I believe it is hard to pull off correctly. M. Night Shamalan caught lightning in a bottle with The Sixth Sense but I don’t remember being that surprised by any other movie since.

        Skyfall – I think it may be the best James Bond yet but I’ve always wanted to see an R-rated Bond film. Then again, I’ve joked about Tarantino doing an R-rated Wizard of Oz just to spice it up a bit.

        And finally, Ben Affleck as Batman… I’m willing to give it a chance before jumping on the Meme train and slamming it before it even premieres. Ben Affleck is great when given the right role and direction. Good Will Hunting, Argo and even Dogma were enjoyable. And let’s face it, there have been some terrible Batman movies in the past with the Bat Nipples, Jim Carrey’s Riddler, Swarzenegger’s Mr. Freeze and George Clooney. I thought the Michael Keaton Batman was cool with Jack Nicolson being great as The Joker until I saw Heath Ledger’s performance. His character portrayal was flawless and I believe him to be what made that movie so successful.

        By comparison, I watched The Dark Knight Rises recently and I don’t think I could sit through it again. Was it a terrible movie? Some would say yes and some no. For me it was about the characters and by the end of the film, I just didn’t care about any of them. That’s a shame too because I usually enjoy Gary Oldman’s work; Dracula, The Professional, The Fifth Element. He is such a great character actor but somehow even his Gordon fell flat. Was it bad writing or bad direction? I wish I knew.

  11. Thank you for your visit my bolog and to be a new “follower”…
    I love to see movies and let me carry away into their very special worlds!
    Behind every movie, there is a story, a novel… and because of this my feelings are even deeper. I create stories on my own 🙂 since I was little I loved to do that and now that I’m sage (and older) I continue with it and sometimes I get to publish my novels as well…
    See you around, in this virtual world…
    🙂 claudine

    • Claudine, Thank you so much for coming by to leave your comments. We are on the same page when it comes to being swept away from a good movie and story. Keep up your wonderful posts, namaste.

  12. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to like our post. We greatly appreciate it. We love watching movies too, we’ll definitely check back for your reviews and recommendations.

    • It is sweet of you to come by and thank me. Please let me return the favor and thank you. Keep up your great posts and hopefully you can find some treasures on my site. Be well.

  13. I am in college full time but my pass time is reading like you review movies. My favorite is “The Perfect Storm” the book and the MOVIE. The hunt for the red October is my classic favorite. You have great reviews and taste in movies. Thanks for sharing your thoughts as I am just starting to get into movies more now a days. I am 47 female, retired barber but in college for bachelors to be Security CEO some day. Bless you your new fan Jackie

    • Thank you for all of your lovely comments Jackie, I truly appreciate them. The best of luck to you on your present road to CEO. I cannot wait to say I knew you when… You have a wonderful site and I admire your determination in keeping it up as you are involved with your schooling. I hope you can find some treausres here among my movie reviews. Have a happy and healthy new year.

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    If you do accept blogging awards, please do accept this award as a token of the immense joy, satisfaction, and appreciation I get from following your blogs and reading your different posts. Your blogs are truly eloquent, informative, and succeed in making a connection with your readers. The other useful blogs your posts have directed me towards is another added incentive.

    I know that it takes a long time to complete the guidelines for accepting an award. So, if you don’t believe in accepting blogging awards, I totally understand. Any which way, it is and always shall be a pleasure following your blog.

    • Thank you so much for your kindness in wanting to nominate me for the Sunshine Award. I am deeply touched by your thoughtfulness and kind words. Truth be told, I am not a computer person and have a touch of OCD where I believe symmetry provides a cleaner line; so I cannot wrap my brain around figuring out how to navigate through filling and posting the award. However, it still means so much for me that a person’s heart, mind and soul are touched by my words. Thank you once again.

      • Your most welcome. It was totally my pleasure.

        Coincidentally, I too have OCD. It’s negligible on most days, but some days it gets really bad & I have difficulty controlling it. I wish I didn’t have to leave the house on such days.

  16. Just watched “The Scent of Green Papaya” – it was a beautiful film, gentle, and with a great score.

    I am finding that many foreign films seem to be more like the films that I loved as a youth.

    Just wanted to share a movie thought. Thanks for listening 🙂

  17. So nice to have a good source of helpful movie reviews. Thanks.

    • Thank you so much for coming by to leave your kind comments. I hope my reviews will surprise you at times and steer you away from those that are not worth spending money on. Keep up your good work.

  18. moviejoltz — thanks for visiting my dekesolomon blog and thanks twice for saying you liked it. I’m sorry to say we seem to have different taste in films. How can you run a category called “thrillers” without reviewing Tom Cruise’s ‘Jack Reacher’? Rock ’em, sock ’em, biff, bang, bop.

    None of that BS about rapelling down five-mile-high buildings and climbing around on the outside of jet aircraft in flight. Just good, regular-guy kind of bar fights, murders, kidnaps, etc. Reacher is more like Raymond Chandler and not Superman at all.

    Good stuff. Give it a watch. Send me your review. If I like it, I’ll run it on my own blog.

    Thanks again for looking at mine. I’m glad you liked it.


    • Hi Deke it is nice to meet the author of such a cool blog. I do not advertise it but me and my family do not support a couple of actors, Tom Cruise is one of them. We will not give any money to them, so that is why their movies are not listed among my reviews. I do hope this does not deter you from finding some hidden treasures here. Thanks for stopping by to leave your comments.

  19. Wow, so what are the specific criteria you use to judge the movies? 4 stars seems to be pretty exceptional lol. Sorry if you already explained it somewhere. I’ll go reading a review before I ask anymore lol.

    • Please there is nothing to apologize. To gain 4 stars the film has to totally take me away from the theater and into the story/screen. To get 1 star (lowest) it has to be not only quite poor but offensive to me. I hope that helps when looking at the star ratings. Thank you for stopping by to leave your comments.

      • I see haha. Thanks for replying to me! Yeah, your explanation definitely gives me a better idea of how to read the ratings on your blog.

  20. Thank you for the nice and informative blog. I am searching for ideas on web story that can be put on the netflx. Can you give me pointers for this venture

    • Hello, it is a pleasure to meet you. Thank you for your comments but I am not clear on what you are requesting. Are you looking for ideas to form a story that could become a series on Netflix? Namaste.

      • You understood right. I love your commentary and i feel you can do justice to the opportunity that has come my way on netflix. For example what could be a plausible reading for people who want to view the article on screen, and not just read it.

      • Ok, I cannot tell you what to write; but I have to ask you why do you watch movies? Once you answer that, then ask yourself what do you do when you have watched a great film? How do you tell your friends and family? It does not matter whether it is at the theater or on Netflix, only the movie and you count. I hope that helps you and good luck.

      • Yes, that was an an ingenious reply. My friends often ask me to comment on movies and I chose only 10 percent of the movies, since these only affect my self-conceived intelligent mind. I liked the serials on the television, like the BlackList, Alias, Dexter, Crimnal Minds, and similar ones. The thing that hits me is the crisp dialogues and intelligence of the director. The story should move and not be stationery

      • Thank you so much for expressing what moves you in tV/film, I appreciate it.

      • Do you know that Indian Cine world, the Bollywood as it is popularly called, which I do not like … produces movies in thousands every year and there are more than 100 tv channels including those in different languages … Interesting isn’t it

      • I am somewhat familiar with the movie industry in India. There are a couple of theaters in my city that show them, though I discovered sadly they do not have subtitles in English. So unless they get distributed in the US, I try to get them on Netflix. Thank you for the comments. Namaste

      • Let me tell you honesty, the movie stories in Indian are superb and some of the directors do a great job on them. The only thing missing is too much of un-necessary dialogue and the Indian flix remain lengthy.
        The music makes them irresistible at least one song in a movie of about 6 or 8 songs. Hope that you will start receiving them with titles or dubbing in English

  21. Love movies. Have cut back a bit to make time to write. However, I have some fun favourites off the top. You may think otherwise: Cool Runnings set in Jamaica , Ever After set in the Robin Hood costumed and landscape era. Thank you.
    Also can you add some headings to make a bit easier for me read. But if you don’t like that idea please ignore my suggestion.

  22. Maybe people have asked this before, but you are popular, so I may have missed a comment or two…. 🙂 My question is – can I search on stars for blog entries?

    • Hi it is a pleasure meeting you. The blog itself does not filter by stars but a friend of mine said he had luck searching Moviejoltz 4 stars or something similar.

      I will say I have bee told I am tough so there is not a majority of 4 star films. But on the other hand, when there is one, you can be sure it is a great movie.

      Thank you for the comments.

  23. Good system. I’ve always felt like stars where the best way to determine a movie’s appeal You’ve got my follow. Check out mine too if you have the time.

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