Flash Movie Review: I, Frankenstein

I would have been upset if this movie was based on Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. Except for Victor Frankenstein’s creation, there was no similarity between this action fantasy film and the original story. It turns out this movie was based on the graphic novel of the same name. I looked up the definition of graphic novel to find out it is defined as a fictional story that is done in a comic strip format, but in book form. With this understanding, I did not have a problem with this movie’s story. Frankenstein’s creation, played by Aaron Eckhart (The Dark Knight, Thank You for Not Smoking), was being hunted by evil demons led by Naberius, played by Bill Nighy (About Time, Love Actually), who needed him to complete their plan to create an army of demonic soulless beings to take over the world. The only thing standing in their way were the gargoyles led by Leonore, played by Miranda Otto (The Lord of the Rings franchise, What Lies Beneath). The film trailer I saw for this movie was predominantly filled with battle scenes. I now understand why since most of the time I was watching chase and fight scenes. If you are looking for just a mindless movie to sit back and not think about, this one is doable. The idea and concept of this story was fine; however, it was poorly executed. I found the writing  to be bland and pretty cheesy for the most part. The transformation from gargoyle to human form was fun but most of the special effects were just okay, nothing really spectacular. I have always been fond of Aaron’s and Bill’s acting in the past and would have liked to have seen here more detail in their roles. Granted once I realized the Frankenstein character was more of a superhero I thought Aaron was an odd choice. If there were not any CGI effects involved then Aaron was chiseled for the role but was still of an average human size. There was a familiarity to the whole layout of this movie and I found out why afterwards. The writer was the same one who did the Underworld films, which explained the look and feel to this picture. Now I cannot say this was an awful film, it still entertained me; it just was too generic. If the movie studio still plans to do a sequel, since it was obvious at the end, I hope they spend more time devoted to the details of the story to make the viewers care about it.

1 3/4 stars

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From a long line of movie afficionados, one brother was the #1 renter of movies in the country with Blockbuster, I am following in the same traditions that came before me. To balance out the long hours seated in dark movie theaters, I also teach yoga and cycling. For the past 3 years, I have correctly picked the major Oscar winners... so join me as we explore the wonder of movies and search for that perfect 4 star movie.

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  1. gargoyles are like submarines – hard to believe either could be in a bad movie…

  2. When I click “Like” it is not “Like” the movie but “Like” your review! I am not going to this movie because I rarely do. This one would not ever make it to my rare sightings. I do however enjoy you watching it for me. I appreciate you filling me in on the “what’s up” about it. In fact, I bet if I read a really good review by you I just might get myself up and out and go to see. Thank you,Sir, ………claudy

  3. Saw the trailer to this movie on tv and thought it a bit strange. Thanks for reviewing it. I don’t get to the movies very often but I enjoy your reviews of them and it helps in knowing when I do go to a movie what to expect from some of them that are out there. thanks for reviewing them!

  4. This looks like something I’d totally watch because I have a soft spot in my heart for cheesy action films. The dialogue sounds appalling from the trailer, but I guess it comes with the territory. I probably won’t see it in the cinema, though. I’ll wait for it on Netflix.

    • As I just told someone else here, it is a good decision to wait and catch it on DVD. If you do see it please let me know what you thought of it, I would appreciate it. Thanks for coming by.

  5. Thanks for your review. While I like comic spinoff films, this one is not calling to me. I’ll wait until it’s on Netflix 😉

  6. Solid review. I just couldn’t do it. I couldn’t bring myself to see this. I may give it a look at some point, but then again maybe not!

    • Keith I am glad I was able to save you from this film. If you catch it on cable or DVD you have to tell me what you thought of it; I think I already have an idea. Thanks for coming by.

  7. Theatre of Pain

    I already knew this was from the creators of Underworld which is also based on comics books, excuse me, graphic novels, to some extent though I don’t recall the exact connection.

    Bill Nighy was fantastic as Victor in the first Underworld movie but I, Frankenstein isn’t really on my radar. I will watch it if given a chance but I’m in no rush to do so. For some reason, the movie is giving me a Van Helsing vibe and there is no way I would sit through that stinker again.

    As an aside, Aaron Eckhart did not impress me as Harvey Dent (Two-Face) in The Dark Knight but I thought he was very believable in Thank You for Smoking.

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