Flash Movie Review: The Amazing Spider-Man 2

It can be a heart wrenching experience to be on the receiving end of a change without any explanation. Imagine after dating someone for several months they one day tell you they can no longer do this and say goodbye. You are left with a hole inside of you that will not heal properly. You can fill it with anger, vowing you will never let someone get that close to you again or you can push yourself to find someone else to fill the emptiness inside; but in the back of your mind a seed of doubt took hold that maybe you did something “wrong” that drove your boyfriend/girlfriend away. I also have to believe being let go from a job without being told a reason why has to be brutal. How about a child who has enough awareness to know they are being given up to someone else?  I cannot even comprehend what ramifications would emerge from it, which is why I thought the strongest part of this action adventure sequel was the back story about the parents of Peter Parker aka Spider-Man, played by Andrew Garfield (The Social Network, Boy A). In his attempt to find out the reason why his parents left him, Peter would discover a surprising secret buried at his father’s former employer, Oscorp. The big plus to this movie were the special effects; I especially liked the way they incorporated iconic landmarks. With the single exception of Sally Field (Lincoln, Mrs. Doubtfire) as Peter’s Aunt May and Emma Stone (Gangster Squad, The Help) as Peter’s girlfriend Stacy, I did not find much else to like about this overindulgent fantasy film. Jamie Foxx (Law Abiding Citizen, Ray) looked better than he acted as Max Dillon aka Electro and Dane DeHaan (Lawless, Kill Your Darlings) would have been a better Harry Osborn if the writers would have left him alone. There were too many villains, too many story lines and too much whining to make this an exciting movie for me. The majority of the blame has to fall on the writers. I felt they were trying to outdo any current superhero movies by making Spider-Man deal with so many different issues in this one film. They needed a good editor to clean up the voluminous scenes, making a tighter story and shortening the film’s 2 hours and 23 minutes running time. If this sequel is any indication I will not be upset if the movie studio does not make a 3rd film; I do not even need to know the reasons why. There was one surprise scene in the middle of the ending credits.


2 1/4 stars

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From a long line of movie afficionados, one brother was the #1 renter of movies in the country with Blockbuster, I am following in the same traditions that came before me. To balance out the long hours seated in dark movie theaters, I also teach yoga and cycling. For the past 3 years, I have correctly picked the major Oscar winners... so join me as we explore the wonder of movies and search for that perfect 4 star movie.

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  1. This movie was awesome and was possibly the best spider man movie ever! This one got 4 stars from me ^_^


    • Thank you for coming by to leave your comments. I am glad you enjoyed this movie so much and would like to know what were your favorite parts, as long as you do not reveal anything about the film. If you are a superhero fan, how do you rank this film compared to Captain America or The Avengers?

      • I rank the amazing Spiderman 2 atleast one notch above avengers and the lead of marvel were sman belongs. I mean captain America was awesome too but still a step down from this film and if anything would be the perfect time for people to demand he appear in one of thee avengers movies even if it’s after Robert Downey Jr’s departure!

      • Thanks for the breakdown of your superhero rankings; I appreciate you taking the time to tell me.

      • Either way you can love all those movies for different reasons even if I’m a bit exaggerating about it being better then those films but it matches up easily ^_^

      • If nothing else I love your enthusiasm; I find it very cool. Thanks for the comments again.

  2. Hi
    I watched the new spider man movie this weekend. I had a lot of mixed emotions about the movie. Just so you know, I am a die hard super hero movie fan and I have watched almost every marvel and DC movie!
    Anyway about Spider-Man. There were a lot of good moments in this movie and the visual effects were amazing but I hated the direction the movie went. They had too many villains. The ending was the most disappointing of all……! They may have ruined Spider-Man in my opinion. The story is now predictable. Maybe I am being a bit too dramatic. The ending scene really jeopardized the movie.

    Oh ya, and the little clip after the credits made no sense at all in context of x men. I was confused after watching that clip. Was I wrong?

    Right now, Captain America’s Winter Solider is one of the best marvel movies I have watched period.

    That is my contribution!


    • Theatre of Pain

      Whoa! Put a *SPOILER ALERT* on this post so it doesn’t ruin the film for those who haven’t seen it or read the comic.

      • I apologize, after seeing the trailer I did not feel I was revealing anything major. I’ll take your comment to heart and stay more on top of things going forward. Thanks for the comments.

      • I can’t believe I didn’t think about the other readers…!!!!!!!
        So sorry man. I will remember that in the future! Shucks!!

      • Theatre of Pain

        No worries guys. I am a diehard super hero movie fan too and know very well how the excitement (or frustration) can overtake my responses to the events. Remember with great blogging, comes great responsibility. lol.

      • Amen to that! Thanks so much.

    • Hi Rolain, Please excuse me but I had to edit out a couple of lines from your comments; you were revealing too much information about the movie. You are spot on with Captain America being one of the best Marvel films this year. That film only makes Spider-Man look worse. I can understand your feelings about the trailer; I found it odd also. It appeared to be just free advertising.

      Thanks for coming by to leave your comments; I appreciate it.

      • Really sorry about that….in my frustration, I forgot there are people who haven”t seen the movie!!!!!! I will keep that in mind for next time…Sorry again.

      • Rolain nothing to worry about, though someone left a comment to call you out. lol I believe movies should be something that moves and surprised you, so I keep facts very brief. Once again it was no big deal. Be well.

      • I understand totally. I hate it as well.The little I know the better!
        He actually contacted me…..haha

  3. I’m not a Spiderman fan and after doing a buzzfeed quiz i got cast as Mary Jane ewww. Anyway good to i don’t need to bother about this one, thanks for the review.

  4. I agree there were so many story lines that none of them seemed fully developed. Even the revelations about Peter’s parents didn’t really go anywhere despite it being the opening thread of the movie. Nice write up.

  5. I watched the movie, and I agree with your view that there was too many story lines and villains in the movie…bit tiring to watch it. However, I like the chemistry of Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone in this movie. Sweet chemistry.
    Now I am looking forward to X-Men movie..still have to wait for couple months to be ready here..hope you will review it too 🙂

  6. As a fan of Spider-Man, I wish your review wasn’t accurate. Unfortunately, you hit the nail on the head…again. Too many villains. Too many stories. Gwen and Peter’s relationship was interesting. Peter’s struggle to learn about his parent’s was compelling, too. But throwing in Electro and Green Goblin was too much. Neither villain received the attention they deserved. It seemed like they incorporated every rough draft of the script and mashed them all together. In terms of Gwen Stacy’s fate, that’s all part of Spider-Man lore and they filmed an almost literal translation of the story from the comics of the early 1970s. The only Spider-Man film that was worse than this one was Spider-Man 3. I still cannot get that Peter Parker dancing scene out of my head.

    • Hi Bill, Thanks for leaving your thoughts and comments here to share with everyone. Since I did not read the comic books, I had to wonder if any of the story was based on actual comics; thanks for the clarification. Bummer this was a disappointment; I hope to drown my sorrow in the glow of X-Men coming out later this month. Thanks again for coming by.

  7. Theatre of Pain

    I enjoyed Tobey Maguire in Spider-Man 1 and 2 but 3 was simply awful with Topher Grace as Venom and the unforgettable dance scene. When Venom was first created for the comics, Todd McFarlane was told to draw the Hulk in the black symbiote costume. I’m pretty sure that someone as small as Topher Grace wouldn’t be the first choice for fans of the iconic villain so the third movie was ruined and the inevitable reboot was put into the works.

    The first Garfield Spider-man movie was better than I thought it would be but I honestly didn’t care for Spider-man’s attitude in the film even though it more closely matched some of his immaturity found in a limited run of the comics. I also didn’t like the design of the Lizard having a flat face and looking more like Killer Croc but after getting over those two hurdles, the film managed to pull out of a nose dive and was “okay”.

    Now this one comes along and I really don’t know how I feel about it. Do I want to see it? I’m not sure. Will I ever watch it? Maybe. Will I miss anything if I don’t? Probably not.

    As much as I have enjoyed Jamie Foxx in some of his roles, I honestly don’t understand the decision to cast him as Electro. I do however understand why the Green Goblin was necessary after reading the comics but I was hoping that he would play his part and get out of the way for Electro to make his first big screen appearance. Unfortunately it sounds like this second installment is making the same mistake as before when the Sandman, the Goblin and Venom were all vying for screen time. It’s one of the same mistakes the Batman franchise suffered back in the 90’s when Catwoman, the Penguin, Mr. Freeze, the Riddler, Two-Face, Bane and Poison Ivy were all trying to be seen after Jack Nicholson’s Joker made his debut.

    I’m hoping that the studios learn from past mistakes but honestly at this point, the only super hero films I am really looking forward to are X-Men: Days of Future Past and Avengers 2; which will happen sometime after Guardians of the Galaxy comes along and disappears.

    • Thank you for the breakdown of the film. The big reason to see this film at the theater would be the special effects. If time and money are an issue, then wait for X-Men. Like you I am hoping for the best with the movie, along with Avengers 2 keeping up its high standards. Thanks as always for your insights.

      • Theatre of Pain

        No problem MJ. 🙂 I would really like to sit down and talk with you sometime about the movies we love or the movies we love to hate. It is one of my favorite past times with friends and I bet you would have a lot of interesting things to offer to the conversation.

        And no need for apologies on the spoiler alert. It wasn’t directed at you but in response to one of the other commenters. As you know, I try to avoid seeing or reading too much of the film before actually watching it and although I already knew about the spoiler that was mentioned, others may not. One of my worst movie memories is when I was watching Stephen King’s Silver Bullet on DVD way back in the day. I was in a room full of people I knew and about 20 – 30 minutes into the film, a woman walks into the room and blurts out who the killer was. It ruined the rest of the movie.

        You on the other hand have always proven to be very careful not to reveal too much of the films and as I have stated before, it is greatly appreciated. I was recently reading an article on Game of Thrones, one of my favorite HBO series, and the author wasted no time announcing the major plot points from Seasons 1 – 3. The article kept going as he compared the books to the series but I had to stop before I stumbled across something I didn’t want to know. I know I don’t have to worry about that with you. *Two thumbs up*

      • Omg you and I are on the same page; when I originally read your comment it crossed my mind you were talking about the comment someone left that had way too much information. If you check now, you will notice I edited it as soon as I read it and let the person know about it. They were horrified and apologized.

        I am glad you and I also agree the least amount of information is the best way to experience a movie. BTW I am a big fan of Game of Thrones though I have not read the books yet. My favorite series is True Blood and cannot wait for its return. One last thing, you will notice the past 2 nights Youtube will not download the trailers which is quite annoying. Thanks for the comments as always.

      • Theatre of Pain

        And now that I think about it, we were watching Silver Bullet on VHS, not DVD. lol

      • Theatre of Pain

        I’m looking forward to the last season of True Blood as well. I’m interested to see how it all wraps up though I did feel the show lost some of its focus when the (non-spoiler) “glowing people” came onto the scene and Alan Ball, the series creator, decided to leave. Interesting enough, Alan Ball is also the creative force behind American Beauty with Kevin spacey and Six Feet Under starring Michael C. Hall (known as Dexter to many of his fans.)

        Another series I am looking forward to is Penny Dreadful on Showtime. It premiers this weekend on Sunday, May 11th at 10:00pm EST. It is supposed to be a dark setting that brings many of the supernatural creaures of legend together in the same setting so it has a lot of potential, if done correctly. DirecTV is offering a free weekend of Showtime so a wider audience can get a chance to check out the premiere.

  8. Yeah they did mess around with this one quite a bit but it was still lots of fun for me. DeHaan was amazing!

  9. Had a lotta expectations from dis one but returned disappointed… It was like oscorp was functioning only to give spiderman his villains!!!

  10. Oh! I see that I’m not alone in not liking this. The length of the film was the least of what I hated.

  11. If we wait long enough we can be treated to geriatric spider man who rescues Mary Jane from an insane symbiotic entity that thinks it’s a hover-round.

    I used to read Spiderman comics to my kids in the 1980’s. It’s one of my favorites along with Captain America, Thor, the old Star Wars comics with Ludmilla as a female version of Darth Vader…

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