Flash Movie Review: Ant-Man

There is one kind of hero that resides in a make-believe world. They could have an extraordinary power because of the planet they came from or due to an earth shattering accident that changed them on the molecular level. I enjoy and look forward to seeing these types of superheroes on the big screen. However, there is a different type of hero that is just as strong and important; who was born here on earth, did not experience a life transforming accident and for the most part is unrecognizable. They do not have some special type of clothing that can block bullets or allow them to fly; instead they may be wearing a white apron and hairnet as they stand behind the counter of a school’s cafeteria. Or they may be on disability as a life threatening disease slowly spreads across their body. I see these type of heroes all around me. There is the single mother who has to pull double shifts so her child can afford school supplies and lunches. Another hero I have seen is the volunteer who devotes time everyday to bring food and check-in on a stranger who is housebound. For me these are some of the true heroes around us. I am so impressed by the individuals who do not wear their heroism like a badge of honor; they simply do what they do because they have to or want to do it. This is why I was impressed with the unlikely hero in this action film.    WHAT started out as a way for con man Scott Lang, played by Paul Rudd (Role Models, This is 40), to see his daughter turned into a crisis that would have worldwide consequences. This science fiction adventure film did not fit into the typical superhero genre. Here was a human with no special powers who was not an ideal citizen; yet he overcame himself to become the Ant-Man. Paul was perfectly cast for this role and he even helped with the screenplay. Michael Douglas (Falling Down, Wonder Boys) as Dr. Hank Pym and Evangeline Lilly (Real Steal, The Hurt Locker) as his daughter Hope van Dyne were an excellent fit. Now I understood there was a change of directors and writers for this film and I am not sure if that is the reason why I found the 2nd half of the film to be stronger. I really had to give thought to the idea I was reacting to the movie having a long intro arc without many special effects. However, Paul along with the fun sight gags in the film made this a worthy picture, besides a mini history lesson (at least for me) into the Avengers World. Pulling off this type of movie was no small feat and the studio succeeded. Two extra scenes in the middle and end of the closing credits.


3 stars




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From a long line of movie afficionados, one brother was the #1 renter of movies in the country with Blockbuster, I am following in the same traditions that came before me. To balance out the long hours seated in dark movie theaters, I also teach yoga and cycling. For the past 3 years, I have correctly picked the major Oscar winners... so join me as we explore the wonder of movies and search for that perfect 4 star movie.

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  1. Looks like a fun one! We are going to watch Chocolat in the next night or two on Netflix, it has Johnny Depp in it. I was hoping to find a review of it! Perhaps put it in your bucket list? 🙂

  2. There have been a lot of fine reviews on this film. Was not expecting that.

  3. My kids are desperate to see this. I might take them to the cinema since I like Paul Rudd.

  4. Good review, looking forward to watch it

  5. Awesome, can’t wait for this movie 😀

  6. I cannot wait to watch this! I really like Paul Rudd when he is just playing a normal bloke and his overly trying to be funny. I much prefer this kind of origin story than, someone who is just born that way or designs themselves that way. Good to see a return for Douglas as well.

  7. I am back to share my opinion having finally seen this movie. My boys and I loved it! The set-up to the superhero section took its time but we didn’t find our interest flagging because Rudd’s performance was engaging and there was a lot of wit and humour to keep us entertained and intrigued. The special effects were as polished as one would expect from a Marvel movie, all the performances were solid and the action sequences were wonderfully choreographed. My kids were on the edge of their seats throughout. We always have a post-movie discussion and this one involved deciding where we felt this movie sat in the rankings of Marvel movies so far. We all agreed that we liked it much better than the Thor movies and most of the Iron Man movies (I would have said all the Iron Man movies but my kids quibbled with that).

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