Flash Movie Review: Deadpool

Superheroes were good and nice individuals when I was growing up. I was exposed to a couple of them at a young age. There was the camp counselor who lifted this bully off of me by grabbing their pants’ belt, using only one arm. It looked just like something I had seen on my Saturday morning cartoon shows. I remember a friend’s parent donated new school supplies for our class one year. When I was doing charity work for a health organization I encountered a score of superheroes who did so much to make their patients’ lives comfortable. In fact, if  I think about it I would say some lottery winners who donate part of their winnings to charitable organizations could be considered superheroes. As far as I’m concerned superheroes come in all shapes and sizes. What they have in common is kindness and thoughtfulness. The thing you have to be careful about is the false ones; the ones that pretend to be doing a good deed, but have an ulterior motive for personal gain. There was this officer of an organization I encountered some time back. On the surface they came across as a caring, empathic person. However, their motivation was to get rich, so everything they did came with a price. All I have described so far did not prepare me for what I would find in this action movie. I never saw or heard of Deadpool before; but based on the crowd that showed up before me at the theater, I must be in the minority.    WHEN a medical procedure did not turn out the way he expected Wade, played by Ryan Reynolds (Woman in Gold, The Proposal), had only one goal in mind, to get revenge against the people who promised they could cure him. This superhero adventure comedy was not your typical one; it was rated R for a reason. So why in the world were there families in the audience with their young children? Excuse my bluntness but those adults were there to satisfy their needs first before thinking about their children’s welfare. The script was filled with foul and hard language besides the inclusion of sexual scenes. With that off my chest now, I can say I was laughing through this fantasy film. The jokes and barbs were fast and furious. Those of you who may not be up on pop culture may not get all the humor in this picture. Ryan was perfect with the role; I understand this film was a decade long labor of love for him to get to the big screen. The script was straightforward; this was a revenge story. Some viewers may tire of the constant barrage of jokes and remarks; it pretty much was a main character of its own. Since I was not familiar with the character Deadpool, I felt I was missing something about the story. At the moment I do not know if Deadpool is a true hero. There was blood and violence throughout the film.


3 stars




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From a long line of movie afficionados, one brother was the #1 renter of movies in the country with Blockbuster, I am following in the same traditions that came before me. To balance out the long hours seated in dark movie theaters, I also teach yoga and cycling. For the past 3 years, I have correctly picked the major Oscar winners... so join me as we explore the wonder of movies and search for that perfect 4 star movie.

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  1. My kids absolutely love comic books and are little encyclopedias of DC and Marvel lore. Deadpool is one of their favourite characters. When they heard this movie was in the pipeline, they were hoping they would be able to see it. Obviously not only can they not see it now but it’s going to be some years before they can see it. They understand and grudgingly accept that there are reasons why they can’t see an R rated movie. Like you, therefore, I’ve been shocked by how many of their peers have been taken to see it by their parents. I’m glad the movie will be worth the wait for my kids though when they finally do get to see it.

  2. I’ve seen this movie twice already. Firstly, I absolutely loved but like you had never heard of Deadpool. I’m not really into Super Heroes apart from Batman but let’s not forget he doesn’t have super powers. In fact I like Batman because he doesn’t have powers. I guess I really like him because in a perfect world I could be him haha. Like with Batman, I feel I could be Deadpool too haha. This movie felt like my friends and I had written it when we were 16 years old. It had everything a good over the top action movie should have. Ryan Renolds nailed this role superbly. Usually I find him a little hit and miss but he was born for this role. My second note (although I think I’ve cleary made more) is that there is no way I would take any of my kids (12, 8, 2) to see this movie. Uh uh no way! However I can’t wait until they’re old enough to see it. I don’t usy go this far but this was a five star movie for me. Deadpool is now my new favourite, very closely followed by The Bat Man.

    • I am so thrilled you loved this film. And I am glad to hear you are not taking your kids to see it just yet. It is so great when a movie can move us the way this moved you. Thanks for the comments.

  3. Taking kids to a movie like this is a thing I always myself if it is suitable for them or not. Good that X-Men and Avengers are not that brutal. Yet. Blood and too much violence is also another question on how the film producer do it. And when there is no blood is also kind of weird, like my near 12 years old son would say, ‘Now that is too fake, Mommie! I am not eight anymore, you know.’

    The thing is the same when I watched all of those kungfu movies when I was a kid, like Bruce Lee or Jet Li, there are few of their films are kind of brutal in some way. Especially the modern films and there were bone breaking (if there is not the blood scene) or any other quite freaking scary brutal scene without the blood gore happening that churned you down your spine even … It makes me a hundred times over to think if my kids should watch this film or that film without knowing if it is brutal or not. Even heroes films are quite violent nowadays.

    Or … few of the sex scene, for example in the Tekken film. It is or was actually a fighting game of which my kids always play on their PlayStation. When at last they made their film on Tekken, there were twice sex scene in it and I feel awful. I have to forward it fast while the kids closed their eyes. Ugh, that feels odd. So, I tend to try to hide away that film behind the other Dvds. LOL

    But Deadpool is awesome. Just fun to watch and Reynold really nailed it with his way of humour. He just make it right for this movie. Fun factor 5 Stars! 🙂

  4. Blood and violence, hm? (gratuitous violence I imagine) – that would certainly be a pass for me. In a world saturated by violence, should it be still rated as entertainment? Something’s rotten somewhere…

  5. I only recently hear about Deadpool. I think I’ll save my money for something a little better than Ryan Reynolds.

  6. I loved this film. Even my wife loved it. We had never heard of Deadpool and had no idea what to expect going in, but the humour was great and the continual 4th (and 16th) wall audience interaction was done so well.

  7. I just watched this movie Courtesy of some streaming site most likely illegal but anyhoo….
    I had never heard of this character as well, I only knoww the conventional heroes, Batman, Superman, Spiderman….. and I guess slowly adding members of the Avengers and Justice league and Xmen, oh no the list keeps going.
    But I am a firm believer heroes should be role models, when a toddler says wants to be Superman prancing around with a cape its commendable (so I think) wanting to be good help others and well having powers is kinda cool…. along comes Deadpool, even the name its a little sinister….
    That said watched the movie with friends and we literally rolling on the floor with laughter and the way they break the fourth wall, but the movie is a tad long and the story kinda drags all in all its not too bad and it comes Rated R, so you know its not family friendly, why would you take kids to watch it though?

    PS The verdict is still out wether Deadpool is a Superhero, Not all heroes wear capes, some Just hold the Door…..

    • Thank you so much for taking the time to leave your review and comments. I totally agree no child should be seeing this film; which by the way, is the largest grossing R rated movie (I read this somewhere at least). So glad this film moved and surprised you; Ryan spent 10 years getting this film made. He deserves all the props.

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