Flash Movie Review: Anthropoid

I always felt I had a decent education; maybe not the top schools, but certainly a well rounded learning experience. Oh, except for a couple of teachers in my early schooling that should not have been allowed to teach. After my college years I still kept up my desire for learning. Using a variety of mediums such as radio, print and internet; I like to be and stay an informed individual. So here I sat watching this film and discovered I had no knowledge about it whatsoever. As the audience was filing out after the movie ended I made a comment to no one in particular, mentioning how the movie was intense. A couple of people in front of me turned and acknowledged the same thing, asking me if I knew this movie was based on a true story. I told them I did not and I was actually surprised I had never heard about it before, considering its significance in history. Standing in the lobby we discussed the movie and our lack of knowledge. It was interesting for us to compare our educational backgrounds, which included Big Ten universities and small city colleges; none of us knew about a specific early scene in this movie. I posed a question about the history classes we had taken; due to the time constraints placed on curriculum courses do teachers provide students only highlights from historical events or do they focus on the subjects they prefer to talk about? I do not have an answer for this; I just know I have to reconfigure my present knowledge to incorporate the story from this historic thriller.   PARACHUTED back into their own country of Czechoslovakia Josef Gabcik and Jan Kubis, played by Cillian Murphy (Inception, In the Heart of the Sea) and Jamie Dornan (Fifty Shades of Grey, The Fall-TV), had only one mission. They had to find a way to assassinate Adolf Hitler’s 3rd in command, SS General Reinhard Heydrich. Based on a true story this film also starred Charlotte Le Bon (The Hundred-Foot Journey, The Walk) as Marie, Toby Jones (Captain America franchise, Tale of Tales) as Uncle Hajsky and Brian Caspe (The Martian, The Illusionist) as Antonin. The story had a slow pace to start, but there was a continual buildup that intensified later in the film. I had wished the script would have stuck with the main story because I found the love aspect story line to be a distraction and not believable. It is understandable the writers wanted to humanize the characters but under the circumstances it took away the characters’ purpose in my opinion. The actual story I have to assume was more powerful than what this movie was able to achieve; however, I was still totally engaged by this biographical film. Though they were not graphic there still were violent, disturbing scenes. The editing did not help; I found choppy parts throughout the film. This may not have been the best interpretation of the actual chain of events (I just did not know how much of this movie was true, but I plan on finding out), but its importance in history and the movie in whole was a riveting experience for me. Violent scenes with blood.


3 stars    




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  1. That important history is lost while less important aspects are taught seems to be the norm rather than the exception. From the trailer, the historical detail seemed impressive.

    We talk about the carnage happening in the middle east and yet it was only 70 years ago that Europe was torn asunder by war. Pictures of Syria that I’ve seen remind me of what it looked like after the bombing of Dresden in 1945. Perhaps one day, when the leaders of a country try to throw a war party, everyone else will refuse to attend.

  2. For most of my 63 years, I read fiction – usually well-written, not airport novels or whatever. About 15 years ago, I fell into reading history, usually military history and mostly because those times are a mirror to people at their best and worst. Although I’ve read a lot about WWII history and seen allusions to this I haven’t followed it up. Now I’ll have to, so a sincere thanks. Re: history in general, a friend of mine once said “you can’t make that s@&t up!” Kind regards

    • It is a pleasure meeting you and thank you for leaving your comments. If you read up on this event and get to see the film; do please return to tell me your thoughts. Since you mentioned your current passion to read history, can I please ask you to look at the reviews for Katyn and The Rape of Europa? Are you familiar with these historical stories? Thanks again.

      • I have read about the Katyn massacre and have seen “Woman in Gold,” which seems like it is “The Rape of Europa” in miniature (often a preferable story mode), but I will dig around and see if I can find these two docs. They are well within what I typically watch. I’ll see what I can find on the Heydrich plot as well. I’ll drop lines as I complete tasks 😉 KR, MSOC

  3. Hey there! Went and saw this film earlier today and found it to be about as close to the truth in a good number of spots and the historical information at the beginning and the end is accurate. Reinhard Heydrich was The Butcher of Prague and he did die from succumbing to his injuries that day in May. The film of course was a bit of Hollywood type BS in spots of course to make it fill out naturally. I found it to be quite a brutal and violent film of martyrdom which is what the resistance was about, preserving their freedom as patriots to their flag and country and to fight the Third Reich. What I loved about it was that it wasn’t full of big Hollywood names and drawn out in to some post schlock romance pseudo big hero shtick. Cillian Murphy’s presentation of a Czech was great considering he’s from Cork, Ireland and made his breakthrough in 28 Days Later which was awesome in its own right. But what I also enjoyed about it is that they didn’t focus too deep in to the German language by giving it subtitles, wasn’t necessary and that the film revolved around the events as a whole rather than really just one person’s crusades. Sure the two main characters were the forefront of the film but not 100% and that the person portraying Heydrich wasn’t really in the film where the Nazis are always poorly portrayed by directors who gussy it up TOO much. I felt that their representation was fairly on point and from what I have seen from many documentaries and having met people who fought in the German army and also people who were in cities that were occupied by the Germans this is about as close you can get give or take a few bits from accounts 70yrs old etc. After Heydrich’s death the German gov’t issued a stamp of the death mask of him. They still made death masks in 1943! Two types were released. One smaller one that was given to high ranking Nazi officials and attendees of his funeral and one regular size stamp that was given out to the people of Germany. I have an actual regular size one which is not worth much but if you had one of the smaller ones they are worth about $12,000 or so depending on the collector. All in all I give this movie 4.25 stars and I do agree with your review as well. But being a person who has great interest in the two world wars and an avid collector of memorabilia, I am drawn to these films for both their accuracy and their display of those accounts. A Brutal and Brutish film of epic proportions done very well in my opinion. Cheers

    • You are so kind to take the time to leave your comments on this film; I appreciate it deeply. It is wonderful to hear there was accurate scenes in the film and I agree with you that the film works better with lesser Hollywood big names. It gave the group my authenticity in my opinion. Once again thank you so much for the comments.

      • Cheers! Your reviews are consistently honest and straight to the point. Yes by not having big Hollywood names it gave the film more and better substance to believing it than if it were stuffed with Brad Pitt or Nicholas Cage. Both very good actors as well but not meant for films of true account detailing as it draws away form the film and the focus os placed solely on the BIG name instead and it’s just an hour and a half of eye candy for some and an irritation for others. The director chose wisely here. Brilliant.

      • Great line, “..an hour and a half of eye candy…” Thanks so much.

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