Flash Movie Review: Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

I knew I had plans for the day; I just did not have anything confirmed yet with friends. We were going to get together over the weekend. You need to know I am not the type of person who does things spontaneously; I am more of a planner. After several messages back and forth we decided to go to a movie (I never turn that option down) in the afternoon then stop at a friend’s house, who was going to join us for dinner. Our friend was not going to be home until after 5pm, so on the way I decided to stop at a bookstore to kill some time. I found a magazine and a book on the clearance rack before we left for our friend’s place.   THERE was a parking space right in front of her apartment building; this was a rare occurrence. Once we were buzzed in at the security gate we made our way to the back of the building’s courtyard to her entrance. My friend was in front of me as we walked up to the 2nd floor apartment. As I crossed the threshold I turned to the left and immediately got greeted with a group of friends shouting, “Surprise!” My friends were surprising me for my birthday. As I told you I am a planner, so you can imagine how stunned I was at this turn of events. They had been planning this for weeks, knowing they had to be careful in orchestrating everything so as not to tip me off. Once all of us were settled down, my friends explained everything they did to make it look like I was actively making plans with them. The details on how they worked to steer me to decisions they needed was genius. I loved hearing all the steps they took in creating this surprise. Little did I know I would feel the same excitement in learning the details of this science fiction movie.   WITH the completion of a new massive weapon called the Death Star, it was imperative for the rebel alliance to find a way to steal the schematic plans to the weapon in the hopes of discovering a way to destroy it. Going to this film was an event, simple as that. Everyone in the audience was connected where I could feel the excitement. There was a lot to like about this action adventure story. First there was Felicity Jones (The Theory of Everything, Like Crazy) as Jyn Erso; I thought she was great in the role. Other standouts were Ben Mendelsohn (Animal Kingdom, The Dark Knight Rises) as Orson Krennic, Diego Luna (The Terminal, Milk) as Cassian Andor and Donnie Yen (Hero, IP Man) as Chirrut Imwe; however, I had wished the script would have given more to Mads Mikkelsen (Doctor Strange, The Hunt) as Galen Erso. Next, the action scenes (there were a lot) were well choreographed and visually exciting. On the negative side I did not feel the cast had the best chemistry amongst themselves; though I understood they were mostly meeting each other for the first time. The music was overpowering and constantly used as a prelude to the upcoming action. Lastly, viewers who are not familiar with Star Wars episodes 4 & 5 would miss out on some of the characters and their significance. The idea for the story was brilliant and it certainly provided a few good surprises along the way.


3 stars    




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From a long line of movie afficionados, one brother was the #1 renter of movies in the country with Blockbuster, I am following in the same traditions that came before me. To balance out the long hours seated in dark movie theaters, I also teach yoga and cycling. For the past 3 years, I have correctly picked the major Oscar winners... so join me as we explore the wonder of movies and search for that perfect 4 star movie.

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  1. I am not sure when said birthday event happened, but glad you got surprised! I am glad to see a good review of this movie, as I’ve enjoyed all of them in the series. Was worried about the detour with the original characters.

  2. We went to see it on Saturday (and my husband went again on Sunday) and we loved it. That said, I’d place it ahead of the three prequels but lower than the original trilogy and TFA. I thought the first 45 minutes or so was fragmentary and lacked focus. It all seemed a bit tacked together. Once the action for going though I thought it was a great movie within its own context. The performances were roundly solid and Krennec was a more complex baddie than is usually found in the SW world. I also very much liked the ending – though my SW nut husband disagrees. I can’t write more without spoiling for any reader who has not yet seen it.

  3. What a lovely birthday surprise!
    I have seen reviews of Rogue One stating that it completely lacked any emotional content.
    Considering how this is a film i have patiently waited 36 yrs for, and not wanting to run my expectations up too high, this film just drew me in on every level – it was so moving!
    Here are my thots:

  4. First off… Happy Belated Birthday Sir Bard of Movie Reviews! Glad it was a blast! lol I saw Rogue One on Saturday and I was impressed and surprised. Of course with the no mention of the words Star Wars and the opening scroll was a nice change to see albeit a loss because of the nostalgic appeal and the iconic opener to all other Star Wars films. It was a mishmash of characters brought together under less than ideal circumstances and the inclusion of a few alien and robotic characters from the original series was nice to see and the use of stock footage well choreographed in the final big battle scene with RED leader being in there still looking somewhat youthful as he did in 77 as well as a clip of seeing Biggs in there too so that was a chuckle for myself and any other die-hard fans who caught it. I liked it because it showed a darker dirtier side to sci-fi much like the Alien movies where how it probably would have looked as opposed to Star Trek’s shiny everything look even the aliens look clean lol whereas in this Star Wars they’re gungy and unclean and living conditions on planets are less than desirable. So a reality was brought to the screen there but it seemed to be too jumpy from planet to planet which was both good and bad because you felt like you were having to follow several sub-plots and then tie them all together. Disney has said they are releasing a Star Wars movie every year except for the years that the regular sequels fall under or they just may do both who knows! But either way it was a good film to watch and of course the movie had to go the way it did because of how episode IV New Hope rolled. The head of Disney was interviewed and was saying that she wants to see a female director for the next film in the franchise since every other one was done my a man. I don’t care if a donkey directs it so long as it’s good and not a complete bomb! Agreed, 3 stars works for this one well and the 151million it took in over the first weekend! ~Cheers

  5. What great friends. 😊

  6. Of the people I talked with who saw this movie, their assessment was that it was flat, boring and a waste of money. It also has to do with generations, I think. We of the older generation seem to be much more critical of the lack of creativity in the newer Star Wars movies.

    In 1976, Star Wars was the first movie that took us out of a 10 year lull where we wondered if there was ever going to be a great movie made again. Star wars was fresh, innovative, and the cast worked well together. Seeing that first movie in 1976 was like coming out of a dark tunnel to find a magnificent mountain view and blue skies that never seemed to end.

  7. I don’t know, for me this one felt a little cookie cutter… It was decent though and well produced.


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