Flash Movie Review: Thor: Ragnarok

SOME INDIVIDUALS WOULD FIND it frustrating; others would find it infuriating after a while. You are partaking in a serious conversation and someone makes a joke. There are times where telling a joke can be the perfect antidote to a tense conversation. In fact I am a big proponent of using humor to diffuse a situation or break the tension in a room. Dealing with tough and uncomfortable topics of conversation can quickly drain an individual; I am all for injecting a touch of humor just to give the participants a momentary breather before continuing their discussion. Pretty much any situation can benefit, at least in my opinion, from a chuckle or belly laugh depending on the circumstances of course. There was a funeral I attended where the service was filled almost to capacity with mourners. Right in the middle of the eulogy a family member made a comment that had everyone laughing, giving a needed respite from the sadness.     WHERE A SIMPLE BIT of humor can do wonders in a tense situation, a constant barrage of jokes and wisecracks can have the opposite effect. If it is just you and one other person going back and forth in a deep conversation, you can address it; however, when there are more people involved it can be tricky. When an individual keeps making jokes during what is supposed to be a serious conversation; I have noticed they are uncomfortable either with the topic being discussed or making themselves vulnerable. I know an individual who has a hard time discussing their feelings. When you press them on a subject they will relent and share something personal, but they do it in a hushed voice. I honestly do not know if they feel they are saying something “wrong” or afraid they will be made fun of; they even look uncomfortable. So they prefer to keep up a constant stream of jokes in the conversation to the point they almost overshadow the intended topic of discussion. I felt I was experiencing something of a similar nature during this action, adventure fantasy.     IMPRISONED ON A FOREIGN planet far from his home Thor, played by Chris Hemsworth (Ghostbusters, Red Dawn), must figure out a way to return before Asgard is completely destroyed. With Tom Hiddleston (The Night Manager, I Saw the Light)) as Loki, Cate Blanchett (The Lord of the Rings franchise, Carol) as Hela, Jeff Goldblum (Jurassic Park franchise, The Grand Budapest Hotel) as Grandmaster and Tessa Thompson (Creed, Dear White People) as Valkyrie; you could not have asked for a better cast of actors. Who knew Cate could throw down with the best of them as she emoted wicked evilness. I wanted to see more scenes with her. Everything you expect to see in a Marvel superhero movie was here from comic book author Stan Lee’s cameo to big CGI effects to 2 extra scenes during the credits. The only issue I had with this film was the use of humor; I felt the comedy aspect overpowered everything in this story. Do not get me wrong, a good portion of the scenes were fun and humorous but there was so much I felt it took away a little of the dramatic intensity the scenes required. I am sure I am in the minority regarding this but after a while I found the humor getting tedious. Granted since this was my only complaint I still enjoyed the whole movie watching experience and I can only imagine how much fun the actors had making this picture.


3 stars




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From a long line of movie afficionados, one brother was the #1 renter of movies in the country with Blockbuster, I am following in the same traditions that came before me. To balance out the long hours seated in dark movie theaters, I also teach yoga and cycling. For the past 3 years, I have correctly picked the major Oscar winners... so join me as we explore the wonder of movies and search for that perfect 4 star movie.

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  1. My husband and two middle kids saw this on Saturday and loved it. They didn’t feel it progressed the overarching MCU plot or themes but they really enjoyed it as a stand-alone movie – which they didn’t expect to since they tend to find Thor one of the weaker characters/franchises within the MCU.

  2. Sounds like they are trying to emulate Guardians of the Galaxy. The humor was the best thing about the first GG film, and it seemed a bit forced sometimes in the sequel..

  3. That’s pretty much the same assessment my daughter had on this film. She’s big into super heroes, but she felt like Thor’s humor was a departure of his former self.

  4. I finally saw Thor: Ragnarok over the Thanksgiving weekend. While I enjoyed the story, I think it was overstuffed with humor. In a sense, it felt like a spoof of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe almost like Casino Royale (1967) was to the James Bond franchise. Small doses of humor can go a long way to alleviate tension.

    Perhaps this is a stretch, but it reminded me of a former coworker who served as a flight medic during the Vietnam War. He witnessed firsthand the horrors that nobody should experience and was looking for a way to come to terms with that time. He wrote a draft of a novel, a fictionalized version of his time strapped to a helicopter, and asked me to provide an honest critique. I struggled finding the proper words, but I had to tell him it was too funny. He focused so heavily on the humorous moments that helped him deal with the daily tragedy that it diluted his voice and true message.

  5. Your post whisked me back to the movie once again. It was entertaining and I agree, the humour was an overkill. Hulk from a monosyllabic character went on to have so many dialogues and they were funny too. I never saw that coming. The fight scenes were great, perfectly in tune with the background score (fell in love with the Immigrant Song) and Thor discovering his lightening magic was really cool. Also I agree, Hella was a worthy adversary. Great writing!

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