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Flash Movie Review: Downfall

Imagine what it must feel like, to be picked out of the secretarial pool by your new boss, Adolph Hitler…during the final days of the war. This movie not only used the memoir of that secretary, Traudi Junge, played by Alexandra Maria Lara (Control, Youth Without Youth), as a basis for the story; but also, Albert Speer’s memoir and several other historical books. What we are presented with is a direct portrayal of the Third Reich without the “monster” connotations or political slant; simply human beings. In a tour de force performance as Adolph Hitler, Bruno Ganz (Unknown, Bread and Tulips) is outstanding, as he displays extreme emotions during the final days of Hitler’s life. It is one, if not the best, depictions I have ever seen of Adolph Hitler. As the Russian forces are nearing Berlin from the east and the Allied forces from the west, life inside Hitler’s bunker begins to crumble. This movie, with scenes of deep tensions, fury and despair; was one of the best dramatic portrayals of World War II’s history, I have ever seen. German with English subtitles.


3 1/2 stars — DVD


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