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Flash Movie Review: The Guilt Trip

When your mother has three strong minded sisters, you have no choice but accept the fact that you have one mother and three motherly aunts. There was no way any of us kids could get away with something. The oldest aunt was the tallest, bearing a strong resemblance to Bea Arthur’s Maude character. She never had to raise her hand in a threatening way; she only had to change the tone of her voice. When you heard that cold, deliberate slow voice you knew to stop whatever you were doing and back away from her. The youngest aunt was an officer in the WAC’s with a vise like grip and a quick punch. Then there was the middle aunt who was the best cook and had the loudest yell. Sitting for this mother and son road trip movie was like eating chicken noodle soup without the noodles. Barbra Streisand (The Prince of Tides, Yentl) was New Jersey native Joyce Brewster. When her inventor son Andy, played by Seth Rogen (Superbad, Pineapple Express), stopped for a quick visit; she took him up on his offer to accompany him on a cross country road trip. In Barbra’s favor, it appeared the director just let her be herself. Not that I would ever imagine she would sit down to devour a 50 ounce steak, but I could see her sitting at a kitchen table kibitzing with friends. There did not seem to be much chemistry between her and Seth. I felt some scenes were flat and unrealistic; nothing made me laugh out loud, only a couple of smiles to the face. I know this was billed as a comedy, but it would have helped if there was some added drama. The long spans of jokes became tiresome to me and as I mentioned, they were not that funny. After growing up in a matriarchal family like mine, this film was just a lightweight.


2 stars

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