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Flash Movie Review: Saint of 9/11

I have had the good fortune to be in the presence of charitable individuals throughout my life. Their warmth and kindness spread out to embrace me, like a soft cozy blanket; it truly was a wonderful feeling. My yoga teacher was one such individual. His patience and sweetness were always a comfort as he guided me through our lessons. I credit him for my ability to stay a calm driver, no matter how trite that may sound. My fascination with these giving people has always included their history, the steps they took to become who they are today. In this moving documentary, I was introduced to a selfless man who left a profound effect on everyone he encountered. The story was about the life of Father Mychal Judge. What I especially appreciated was his life story, his determination to go beyond doctrine and do what he felt was the right thing to do–give comfort to anyone and everyone. In my classes I avoid discussions about religion. To me, there are no better or worse religions; everyone has the right to believe what they want without pushing it on someone else. Father Mychal was a New York fire department chaplain. When the twin towers were attacked, he did what he had always done before; suit up and immediately go to the aid of those affected, to comfort them. Listening to the love and admiration throughout the movie for Father Mychal, I only wish I could have met this amazing man. One thing I especially admired was how the filmmakers did not shy away from showing the personal side of Father Mychal. For example, he was a strong advocate of AA; since he himself was a recovering alcoholic. I do not know how such extraordinary humans reach that state of mind to be all giving and accepting. But what I do know is how I was humbled after watching the life of this loving man.


3 1/3 stars — DVD

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