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Flash Movie Review: Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax

As soon as this movie was over, I had to come straight home and give my plants an extra dose of plant food and water. Not only was this movie fun, but it conveyed a message to all of us about conservation. There were two parallel stories for this movie. One was about twelve year old Ted in search of something he never knew existed–a land filled with real live trees. His motivation in the beginning was to impress the girl who told him of these fabled plants. The other story was about the Lorax, a creature who fights to protect his world, a land filled with real trees. It was a little confusing for me as they jumped from one story to the other. I was more interested in the Lorax story and felt Danny DeVito’s (Batman Returns, Solitary Man) voice was perfect for the sweet, grumpy creature. Overall, I really enjoyed watching this film, being transported to the wonderful world of Dr. Seuss. Also, a couple of the songs could be next year’s Oscar nominees. It was a treat to see the characters, I used to read about, come to life on the big screen in a palette of candy colors.


3 stars


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