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Flash Movie Review: The Bank Job

What a surprise; this unordinary heist movie took away my notion that Jason Statham (Transporter, Crank) cannot act. Playing shady, London car dealer Terry Leather, he was excellent in this role. Based on true events, Terry was brought into a scheme by Martine Love, played by Saffron Burrows (Troy, Reign Over Me), to break into a bank when its alarm system was going to be down for a time. Pretty much a foolproof plan; however, Terry and his assembled team got more than money and jewels when they opened a particular safety deposit box. This film started out a little slow, but do not worry. The story builds on itself with surprise twists and revealing turns. I really got wrapped up into this thrilling crime drama. As I mentioned earlier, do not let the slow start stop you from missing out on this astonishing story of a real crime event and its aftermath. There are some scenes of violence.


3 stars — DVD


Flash Movie Review: Fracture

I am not one of those individuals who can figure out a movie’s story early on. It is not in me to think about what is coming up ahead in the story. For some of you, even if you can solve the ending to this thrilling film early on, I do not think you will be disappointed. The reason being, the exciting battle of wits on display between the two leading actors, Anthony Hopkins (Thor, All The King’s Men) and Ryan Gosling (Crazy, Stupid, Love; Drive). Playing the meticulous and cunning self-confessed killer Ted Crawford, Sir Anthony’s performance was a smoldering, steely tour de force–think a vegan Hannibal Lecter. Watch the determined prosecutor Willy Beachum, a younger Ryan Gosling, not only hold his own in the acting department with the experienced Anthony Hopkins, but listen to the wittiness and sly humor that was sprinkled into the script. For the most part I was riveted to my television screen, though I thought the love interest for Ryan was not believable. In the scheme of things, it was the acting that was the centerpiece of this crime drama; the little flaws here and there were easily forgiven.


3 1/4 stars — DVD


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