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Flash Movie Review: War Horse

After seeing a scene from the Broadway show on the Tony awards, I had high expectations for this film. The director Steven Spielberg had what seems to be his requirements these days: lovable main character in Joey the horse, cute kid, pull your heart string scenes, funny interlude, obstacle course.  Now I’ll be the 1st to admit, I had tears in my eyes, along with the majority of the audience; however, it was not enough to make this a great movie that moved me. I am afraid it was predictable and that is because Mr. Spielberg was directing. There were individual scenes that worked beautifully; though one important scene, I found odd, reminded me of Gone with the Wind. From what I read and heard, the Broadway stage production of War Horse was filled with drama; but in Steven’s hands, we evidently are required to have a wee bit of comic relief in our movie watching experience.  With a stable of 20+ horses, filling in for Joey (stunt doubles?), the animal was wonderful to watch in this movie. And for those of you who want to take your children, please keep in mind; though we do not see horrific bloodshed, there are the 1st scenes depicted after a battle. I just wish this movie would have been better.

2 3/4 stars


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