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Flash Movie Review: The Artist

Are movie reviewers jumping on the bandwagon here, so they will be considered cool? There is such a buzz about this movie; that I feel it has surpassed the reality of watching it. Seriously, I had to wait in line at the doors to theater eleven, so that we all could walk in an orderly fashion to our seats. Let me say right at the start, this film is a novelty and for younger viewers, it may be the first time they have sat through a movie that has, for the most part, no dialog. This black and white picture portrayed the period of Hollywood 1927 easily enough, with wonderful sets and some beautiful scenes. The acting had to be all physical with an emphasis on facial expressions to convey emotions. The French actor Jean Dujardin as George Valentin along with the Argentine/French actress Berenice Bejo as Peppy Miller were quite good in their physicality. The story played out with no surprises; essentially about Valentin’s downward spiral at the onset of talking pictures, as Miller’s star begins to rise. Is it worth seeing this picture? Overall, I would say yes; for if nothing else, to get a flavor of what the movie experience could have been like, back in the early days of motion pictures. Is this the best picture (several Golden Globe nominations) of the year? I am afraid not. If that means I can not be with the cool crowd, so be it.


2 3/4 starsĀ 


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