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Flash Movie Review: Another Year

Happiness can be such an elusive feeling for some people. It took me a long time to realize that no one else could make me happy; only I am responsible for my own happiness. Granted the people in our lives heighten the feeling, but it ultimately has to come from within. When two people commit to a loving relationship, as the years pass, their levels of happiness can rise and fall. I found this charming film had the perfect example of a happy couple, Tom and Gerri. The irony was not lost on me regarding their names being the same as the cat and mouse cartoon characters. The movie traversed four seasons in the lives of joyfully married Gerri and Tom, played by Ruth Sheen (Vanity Fair, High Hopes) and Jim Broadbent (The Iron Lady, Gangs of New York). For the many years they had been married, the couple had maintained a blissful easiness with each other; while everyone around them seemed to be suffering various stages of unhappiness. Jim and Ruth were outstanding in their roles, bringing a tender believability to the characters. I loved watching their relaxed, supportiveness for each other. Where they were drama free, Geri’s colleague was nothing of the sort. Mary, played by Lesley Manville (Secrets & Lies, Vera Drake), was a single woman desperate to be in a relationship. You see, Mary thought being in a relationship would make her happy. With each season we watch what life would offer to each of these different people, in the life of Tom and Gerri. This movie may not appeal to younger people. The sensibilities and emotions portrayed were more seasoned. For me, I felt I was watching a slice of real life; filled with everyday issues that we all have encountered at one time or another.


3 1/3 stars — DVD

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