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Flash Movie Review: We Need to Talk About Kevin

I’m not a parent but know I would be a “tough love” type of Dad. I do not understand those parents who let their children run wild in a store or restaurant. And don’t get me started on the ones that bring their underage kids to an R rated movie–I am talking like a 6 or 7 year old! But what do you do if it turns out you do not like your child? The Kevin in this movie would really test a parent’s love. This intense film was too much for me to watch all the way through; I had to take a break from it. Since birth it appeared Kevin and his mother Eva Khatchadourian, played by Tilda Swinton (Michael Clayton, Adaptation) never got along. Or maybe they just did not like each other. Tilda was extraordinary in this challenging role. As the teenage Kevin, Ezra Miller (Another Happy Day, City ┬áIsland) not only looked like he was Eva/Tilda’s son, but his acting was just as remarkable. Playing the father Franklin, John C. Reilly (Cedar Rapids, The Promotion) was reduced to a minor character compared to the mother and son. I did not care for the direction, finding the use of flashbacks annoying. There were times I was trying to figure out why something was taking place. If you were to ask me if I enjoyed watching this movie, I would have to say no, not really. I wanted to see the acting since Ms Swinton was Oscar nominated. And yet, maybe this was a good film since it elicited a strong response in me. I have one other question I would like to ask: Should a parent be held responsible if their child grows up to be a sociopath?


3 stars — DVD

Flash Movie Review: Carnage

What I have always said about being in a love relationship is this: it is not the things you love that keep you together, that is the easy part; it is the things you do not like. If you can handle the tough aspects of your significant other, then it is true love. At least that is what I have found to be true. Watching these characters in the movie, I was not really clear on why they were still married to each other. But no matter, I did laugh at them throughout the film. The script undulated from sad moments to happy ones to pure lunacy, as the actors were all convincing in their roles. The movie takes place within a short span of time; when two sets of parents agree to meet, to discuss the fight their sons had earlier, where one of the boys was injured. The female leads, Jodie Foster (Panic Room, The Silence of the Lambs) and Kate Winslet (Finding Neverland, Titanic) were stronger on screen than the 2 male leads, John C. Reilly (Step Brothers, Chicago) and Christoph Waltz (Inglourious Basterds, The Three Musketeers). For me, the two actresses’ characters were the power behind the story. The movie started out strong with tight, perfectly framed scenes from the director, Roman Polanski (The Pianist, Chinatown). However, the story petered out as it got towards the end. I felt all the energy was used up in the 1st half of the movie. Maybe with all the energy coming early on, everyone just got tired by the end.


3 stars


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