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Flash Movie Review: Darwin’s Nightmare

As if squeezing the last drops of sweat out of one’s workout clothes, watching the life being drained out of the people around Lake Victoria in Tanzania was horrifying. Food has been scarce since the introduction of a predatory fish, the Nile Perch, into the former beautiful lake. The native species of the lake have been eradicated by this aggressive perch. The only legitimate industry available is to work in the fish factory, where the Nile Perch are packaged and flown to Europe, to be served up as a fine delicacy. Russian transport planes fly in to unload their cargo of weapons, then fill up their empty bellies with the fish, to fly out in a continuous cycle. This documentary has to be seen; for whatever words or images I place here will not show you the unbelievable hardships, the struggles of how the strong get stronger by feeding on the weak. This film is a perfect example of Darwin’s theory on the survival of the fittest. But then what does it say about our humanity?


3 1/4 stars — DVD


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