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Flash Movie Review: The Imposter

Though it is a painful and sad time, experiencing the loss of a loved one comes with a certain finality to it. The healing process for those remaining begins as their lives continue on. With regards to family members, in the natural order of things; a parent never wants to see their child die. I cannot imagine what it must feel like to have a child go missing. When I see stories on the news of missing family members, I am saddened to see the torture the relatives go through with such a tragedy. Going into the movie theater, with no prior knowledge of this mind-blowing true story about Nicholas Barclay’s disappearance, I sat in disbelief as the events unfolded. After a few years had passed regarding NIcholas’ disappearance, the family received a call that a boy was found in Spain, claiming he was Nicholas. Imagine what the family was experiencing from the news. What followed, I thought, could not be really happening; but with the family members’ interviews and the reenactments of scenes, all I could assume was the power of belief was stronger than reason. The filming of this story was well done as it went back and forth between interviews and the playback of particular events; I felt I was watching a psychological thriller. Portraying Frederic Bourdin was newcomer Adam O’Brian and Nicholas’ sister Carey Gibson was played by Anna Ruben (Wrong Number, Eternal). This was a movie one had to see to believe. Also, the less one knows about the story, the more incredulous they will be while watching this jaw-dropping film. There is nothing more to be said about this tragedy within a tragedy.


3 1/4 stars

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