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Flash Movie Review: Project X

I cannot understand why there were parents in the audience with their 10-12 year old children. Why would they take their kids to see this movie? There was little entertainment value, zero story and nothing original. I did not find any humor in blowing smoke into a pet’s face or tying a bunch of helium filled balloons to a small dog and watch them slowly rise into the sky. Whether you call it a mock documentary or a found film shooting method, the story was about three high school friends who wanted to throw a birthday bash and document it all on video. So everything we saw was through the viewfinder of a handheld camera; I am not a fan of this technique. The reason was not as much to celebrate one of the friend’s special passages of time, but to gain a cool factor among their peers. In high school I wanted to just blend in, never dreaming that I would attain cool status; so, I totally understand the reasoning to throw the party. However, to sit in the theater and watch 128 minutes filled with drinking, drugs, nudity and stupid pranks was just a big bore for me. With his parents away for a weekend trip, birthday boy Thomas, played by Thomas Mann (It’s Kind of a Funny Story, As Cool as I Am), allowed his good friend Costa, played by Oliver Cooper (Weekend Dad, Rick White), to orchestrate a party at his house, that spiraled out of control. Every cliche you could think of was used in this ridiculous movie. My only hope was that the parents sitting in the theater were using this film as a tutorial for their children, on what not to do when they graduate to high school. If not, I should have called Child Protective Services.


1/2 star


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