Flash Movie Review: Gravity

It was only for a brief time where I believed the moon was made of cheese. I was always fascinated with the planets and stars; if for nothing else, it was where Flash Gordon, Luke Skywalker and Klaatu lived. One of my earliest exposures to outer space took place at the planetarium, where images of solar systems and planets were brought to life for me. Then it was science fiction movies and science classes that expanded my curiosity beyond earth. The closest I had come to experiencing what it must feel like to be in outer space were those virtual amusement park rides. You may know the kind; where you sit in a simulator that is programmed to rise, twist and fall with the projected movie in front you. I am here to tell you none of that came close to the feeling I had in this dramatic thriller. This was the first movie where I actually felt I understood what it must be like to be in outer space. In fact, I thought I was starting to get motion sickness, but it never turned into anything. The visuals were truly amazing. I read writer/director Alfonso Cuaron (Children of Men, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban) created a new filming technique to create the incredible zero gravity scenes. Sandra Bullock (The Heat, The Proposal) played rookie astronaut Ryan Stone. Due to an accident; Ryan and fellow astronaut Matt Kowalski, played by George Clooney (The Descendants, Up in the Air) would have to depend on each other if they were going to survive the harshness of outer space. As I mentioned earlier the visuals were the strongest part of this film; they really were breathtaking and exciting to me. Going into the movie I had some concern the story would not keep my attention with two characters in outer space and no sign of any aliens to battle. There was nothing to worry about; this film kept my attention all the way through. In addition the music was ideal as it blended perfectly with every scene. Where this science fiction film lost points was with the script. George Clooney was just being himself in my opinion; he did not have anything to stretch his acting ability. Sandra’s character had similar facets drawn from some of her previous roles. With that being said this movie had everything else in its favor. Not a fan of 3D, I saw this at an IMAX theater in 3D with rumble seats and I loved it. I could not have cared in the least if some space scenes were not plausible; I left the theater both excited and exhausted for I felt I had just taken my first trip beyond earth.


3 1/2 stars

About moviejoltz

From a long line of movie afficionados, one brother was the #1 renter of movies in the country with Blockbuster, I am following in the same traditions that came before me. To balance out the long hours seated in dark movie theaters, I also teach yoga and cycling. For the past 3 years, I have correctly picked the major Oscar winners... so join me as we explore the wonder of movies and search for that perfect 4 star movie.

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  1. I enjoyed your review. Is the movie only shown in 3D? Do recommend 3D as the preferred viewing of the movie?

    • The movie is being shown both ways. I just happened to be at an IMAX only theater to see this film. It will not take away from the experience if you do not choose to see it in 3D.

  2. Well, this just might be worth some fun monkey fun. Thanks, joltz. –sip don’t gulp–LOL.

  3. Technically awesome and fantastic movie…
    I’m actually amazed that given the amount of free-floating mayhem that was going on that there was no feeling of motion sickness, and yet, a mild hint of vertigo especially when the spectacular shots of Earth are in view.

  4. worst ending i ever recall in a movie.{ spoiler alert } the earth is covered with 3/4 water but she just happened to splash down in a lagoon??? your right, great shots of space, but i should have found the russian’s vodka bottle under my seat, it would have made the ending more believable

  5. I was reading in the Daily Herald, that the mayor of Lake Zurich invited Sandra Bullock to his town. He wanted to thank her for the shout out. Ms. Bullock as of yesterday hasn’t RSVP.

  6. Theatre of Pain

    I am very much looking forward to seeing this one! Another great review with a very nice introduction down memory lane. I felt that same excitement when I first visited the planetarium and kudos for the nod to Klaatu. πŸ™‚

    I’m glad to see Clooney catch a break as his last few efforts have been less than… stellar. *holds up the Dr. Evil pinky in anticipation* No? No one? Okay moving on.

    I watched The Descendents but it left me bored most of the time and there was the, let’s call it, the Batman incident. But I thought he was great in Intolerable Cruelty and O’ Brother Where Art Thou.

    • If you get a chance check out Michael Clayton and let me know what you think of George Clooney in the role. And thanks for noticing the Klaatu reference, I was hoping someone would know the name. Thanks.

      • Theatre of Pain

        I remember passing on Michael Claytion initially because I was a little burnt out on legal dramas at the time and was worried it would be another “Firm”.

        However, I took your suggestion and watched Michael Clayton this morning. I really enjoyed the movie because it had nice pacing, an interesting story and showed Clooney at his best. While I was watching, I saw glimmers of Clooney as Danny Ocean in Ocean’s Eleven and Seth Gecko in From Dusk ‘Til Dawn.

        Thanks for the suggestion! I give Michael Clayton 8 winning lawsuits out of 10.

      • I have not done a review of Michael Clayton; I just mentioned it in case you did not see it. I agree with your rating number.

      • Sorry to but in, but well, it’s the Michael Clayton film and I can’t resist. I will look for your commentary on it, joltz. But for Theatre of Pain, I had to say good move on seeing the film, it is about sooo much more than the law–consider the opening and EVERY thing Tom Wilkinsons (sp) character says and the film takes on a whole other dimension. And what keeps MC from getting blown to bits? Hmm? Why does he stop to look at those horses?

      • No problem, I appreciate you jumping in and enjoyed your mini review of the film.

      • Theatre of Pain

        In all fairness, it is often difficult to show the true essence of a film through a trailer. Action films show us the big explosions. Horror films show us the scares. Comedies show us the humor. Legal films show us the case and that is exactly what Michael Clayton’s trailer did.

        I mentioned The Firm (1993) previously starring Tom Cruise. That film was directed by Sydney Pollack who also played Marty in Michael Clayton. Six degrees aside, Sometime in the late 90’s early 2000’s, film and television became saturated with legal dramas. I couldn’t turn on the television without hearing about some new law firm, police precinct or hospital and I was burnt out on all of it. I still am to some degree unless I see something different being offered.

        For example, I enjoyed the X-Files and Fringe very much, am currently enjoying The Blacklist and very much looking forward to the return of Justified in January.

        Law & Order, Boston Legal, N.C.I.S., C.S.I., Hawaii Five-O, Bones, The Mentalist, etc. are just rehashed stories in different locations using the same basic character archetypes: Smart, Strong, Charismatic, Bold and Quirky to one degree or another, being thrown together like ingredients in a blender by the producers hoping something good will pour out of it. Unfortunately, what we usually get is an over-hyped hot mess.

        Now let’s get back to Clayton. It was an easy pass for me in 2007 because it was promoted as a legal drama and people who have never seen it have no other reason to believer otherwise.

        But 47WhiteBuffalo is right as it is so much more than that. Thankfully, we have someone like Joltz to make us think twice about something that seems so one dimensional on the surface and give it a second look.

      • Thank you for your confidence in me. I hope I never disappoint you in your movie choices.

      • You’ve done well so far. πŸ˜‰

      • Aww, thank you so much.

  7. Hey joltz, I tried finding MC via your search box but it’s a no go, so would you please drop a link to it here for me? Pretty please with Julia Roberts on top? Hey! I didn’t mean it like that! LOL!

  8. I am so glad I read your review. I am not a real Clooney fan, although I loved The Descendants. I love Sandra Bullock but sometimes the stories do seem geared to her personality. I really wanted to see this at the theater but wasn’t certain if it was worth the trip. Now I intend to catch it on the big screen. Thanks! POA was actually one of my favorite of the Harry Potter series movies so I am certain I will enjoy the visuals as well.

  9. Loved this film and would have thought it was perfect if it had only ended one minute earlier.

    I think we have forgotten how difficult traveling to and in space is, and how dangerous it is. Like you said, the movie did an excellent job of putting you out in space and make you understand what it is like.

  10. Hello — for what it’s worth, I loved the ending! (Is it a spoiler alert if I say that the frog was a good touch?) πŸ˜‰

    The whole movie was an incredible, emotional roller coaster. Very, very, very worth seeing.

    • Hi and thank you so much for stopping by to leave your comments. Also, thank you for putting the words “spoiler alert” since I try to keep the movies’ plots to a bare minimum. I feel people should go into a movie with an open slate.

  11. Great review! I can’t wait to see the movie! Thank you for visiting my blog! πŸ™‚

  12. I saw this film last week and just loved it — for all the reasons you listed. I saw it in 3-D and thought the director did a good job of incorporating the technology without overdoing it or making it seem gratuitous. The scenes were so intense that I couldn’t eat my popcorn. My heart was pounding too hard! Worth seeing on the big screen I thought!

  13. This is just opening in the UK and getting good reviews, after reading yours we will definitely be going! SD

  14. The Dancing Rider

    We saw this recently, finally. I give it three stars for technical achievement. The survivial aspect was tense at times (I don’t care if the space scenes and astrounaut features were accurate…..), but I couldn’t figure out what all the “it’s a great movie” comments were about. The script was vapid, and I didn’t think Sandra Bullock was suited for the role. Mostly because of her script I guess……

    • The science side of the movie was accurate except for one thing, there is no sound in space. I feel the movie plays better on a big screen. Enjoying your take on films Dancing Rider, thank you.

      • The Dancing Rider

        Yes, I do know about the no sound. After so many Alien, Star Trek, and other space-related movies and shows (like Battlestar Gallactica – the modern one-, it’s like you almost have to have to sound to make it a movie in space! πŸ˜‰

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