Flash Movie Review: Holiday

To this day I still experience an amusing delight when I receive a positive reinforcement of one of my beliefs. The one I am referring to is my belief that there are no accidents; there is a reason for everything. As I was working on today’s movie review I came across the following quote on one of my social media sites. It comes from the Irish writer Oscar Wilde and it reads: “You don’t love someone for their looks, or their clothes, or for their fancy car, but because they sing a song only you can hear.” This quote resonated deeply with me because in my own words I have always said the same thing. The surface of a person never influenced me unless there was an issue with their hygiene. The important stuff for me lies below, deep inside of them. I have no care about what car they drive or what they wear or what they do; who they are as a human being is what matters most to me. This quote came at the perfect time, for I was only in the beginning of writing my review. I am discarding it because this quote is the ideal way to lead off with today’s post of a classic film. Cary Grant (North by Northwest, His Girl Friday) played Johnny Case, a young man who fell in love with Julia, played by Doris Nolan (Moon Over Burma, Irene), who came from the wealthy Seton family. Looking to the future, Julia and her father could not understand why Johnny wanted to travel the world while he was still young, instead of settling down to work and make money. The only family member who seemed to understand what Johnny wanted to do was Julia’s sister Linda, played by Katherine Hepburn (Bringing Up Baby, On Golden Pond), the black sheep of the family. Directed by George Cukor (My Fair Lady, A Star is Born), this Oscar award nominated romantic comedy may be from a different era but the message it conveys is still relevant today. I do not think I need to tell you about the acting, directing or anything else about this movie. All you have to do is see how many stars I rated it below to know how much I enjoyed watching it. After viewing this film and seeing the quote, I feel everything fell into place to make this an extra enjoyable movie watching experience.


4 stars — DVD


About moviejoltz

From a long line of movie afficionados, one brother was the #1 renter of movies in the country with Blockbuster, I am following in the same traditions that came before me. To balance out the long hours seated in dark movie theaters, I also teach yoga and cycling. For the past 3 years, I have correctly picked the major Oscar winners... so join me as we explore the wonder of movies and search for that perfect 4 star movie.

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  1. Reminds me of one of the favorite themes in Bollywood – the rich hero or heroine going around like poor people so as to be able to locate the right soul-mate, sans external trappings!

  2. Thanks for the review and for sharing that Oscar Wilde quote! It’s such a lovely way to describe loving someone you love.

  3. Lately, I find myself looking for old black&white movies. There is that something special about these that I cannot find in today’s films. Thank you for this suggestion, It’s on my watch list now.

    • I am so glad you found this interesting enough to put on your list. Please let me know what you think of it. Thanks for your comments.

      • Hello,

        Just finished watching it! I loved it! Every little bit of it! This week I will make a review about it. Oh….now I need more b&w movies! 🙂

      • I am so thrilled you loved this film as much as I did. Thanks for coming by to tell me. In regards to B&W films, look up my earlier reviews of Arsenic and Old Lace along with Gaslight. Let me know what you think of them if you watch them. Thanks again for your comments.

  4. Great quote and movie choice! Cary Grant & Katherine Hepburn movies are always entertaining 🙂 ❤

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