Flash Movie Review: Inherent Vice

I sure wish they would hurry up and create those human transporter devices I have seen in science fiction films. You may know the type where your body turns into a swirling mass of small, colored bubbles of light that disperse and reassemble you in a different location. This would be so useful during those awkward moments where you feel out of place among a group of individuals. The moments I am referring to would be similar to situations like attending a party where you were not told it was a masquerade event and costumes were mandatory. Last year I signed up for a training workshop regarding a new body fitness sculpting format; it was a three day event. The first day I walked into the training facility and was met with a group of people who were easily half my age. There I was dressed in baggy workout shorts and a loose T-shirt as everyone else either had skin tight or skimpy, color co-ordianted outfits. Now it was not a big deal to me what they wore or their age; however, a majority of them were personal trainers and I was not. As we went through the training I realized there was no way my body could do what everyone else was doing in class. I could have used that transporter then since I felt out of place. Those same feelings started to come over me during this comedic crime drama.    WHEN Los Angeles detective Larry “Doc” Sortello, played by Joaquin Phoenix (The Immigrant, Her), agreed to help his ex-girlfriend he had no idea where the case would lead him, but as long as he had drugs available he was good to go. Written and directed by Paul Thomas Anderson (There Will be Blood, The Master) that was based on Thomas Pynchon’s (Gravity’s Rainbow, Mason & Dixon) novel, I did not get this film festival winning movie that ran for 148 long minutes. Viewers will either love or hate this picture, I believe. The cast was good, including Josh Brolin (Labor Day, W.) as Lt. Detective Christian F. “Bigfoot”Bjornesen and Katherine Waterston (Michael Clayton, Robot & Frank) as Shasta Fay Hepworth, along with the variety of other actors who had small roles. However, for a movie watching experience I did not have a good time sitting through this showing. The mix of scenes seemed random and scattered, as if little vignettes were first created then pieced together. Since I was getting bored in the theater I did glance around at the crowd. This may sound weird but I actually felt a little out of place because the crowd seemed to be all cut from the same mold and I was not. I do not know if it was a generational thing; all I wanted was to be transported out of the theater.


1 3/4 stars  


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From a long line of movie afficionados, one brother was the #1 renter of movies in the country with Blockbuster, I am following in the same traditions that came before me. To balance out the long hours seated in dark movie theaters, I also teach yoga and cycling. For the past 3 years, I have correctly picked the major Oscar winners... so join me as we explore the wonder of movies and search for that perfect 4 star movie.

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  1. Not surprised at this review unfortunately. I just love this guy when he performs a strong lead. I hope he stops resisting “normal” eventually. His talent is being wasted.

  2. There seems to be a huge split between the critics and the public when it comes to the recent films of Paul Thomas Anderson. All the newspaper critics were raving about The Master a couple of years ago and making claims that it was a masterpiecce but I hated it. I thought it was too long, rambling, incomprehensible and impossible to understand (due to mumbling actors). I was prepared to give him another go on Inherent Vice, owing to all the enthusiasm around this film, but you have (thankfully) confirmed my suspicions. I wanted to walk out of the cinema during The Master too.

  3. Ok, it’s a pass. Thanks.

  4. I will be honest here..I was SOOO looking forward to this film in a big way..it’s my kind of movie tbh.. and then… well..I left after 1 hr 40min because I just didn’t give a rat’s ass of what happened to any of the characters.. I’ve only done this a VERY few times in my life. Considering I drove 25mi to a screening..I felt I gave it enough.. oh and quite a few walked out before me. *sigh*

    • You are kidding me?!? Wow, what a reaction and thank you so much for sharing your views and observations on the crowd. I hope you asked for your money back since you had so far to drive.

  5. Again, it was a free studio Oscar screening so no money back…but I did drive 25mi to Malibu to do so..and that was kind of a pain. I’m still bummed about it because It was top of my list of movies I was looking forward to. :/

    • Oh it was free; that does soften the blow a bit. Too bad it was on top of your list though. I hope you can find something else to replace it. Thank you for the clarification.

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