Oscar Predictions

For the past year I have spent my time in a variety of movie theaters. Some had floors so sticky that my shoes refused to go with me when I tried to leave my seat. There were numerous occasions I had to ask people around me to shut off their phones; some did so obediently while others had to first glare at me. I did not care for I had a movie to watch and review. And what a year it has been; we learned there was a theory for everything and we had new guardians of the galaxy. The Chicago Bears finally caught a Fox and a man bonded with the avian world. There was another lesson on how to train your dragon while a woman went wild and another was just gone. We saw a boy grow up to be a mature young man and discovered a new hotel in Budapest. Such an eclectic group of films the past year; just the way I like it. As we come to an end this weekend during the high holiday of the Oscar awards, I want to thank each and every one of you for joining me on this journey that was filled with discovery, disappointment, joy, amazement, anger and love. Wow, doesn’t that sound just like an intimate relationship? Without further ado, here are my thoughts and predictions for who will take home the Oscar.


BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS:    Patricia Arquette (Boyhood)

I would be very surprised if the academy awards this to Meryl. Personally my other choice would have been Emma Stone.


BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR:    J.K. Simmons (Whiplash)

This was my easiest decision; I felt he deserved it from the moment I saw him in this movie.


BEST DIRECTOR:    Alejandro G. Inarritu (Birdman)

I believe the academy will choose Richard Linklater for Boyhood because the film was novel. However, I thought Alejandro with his seamless filming was extraordinary.



Though I did not see all the nominees in this category I thought this film played out like an exciting thriller. My other choice would be Finding Vivian Maier.


BEST ANIMATED FEATURE FILM:    How to Train Your Dragon 2

Once again I did not see all the entries in this category but I felt this picture was the most well-rounded out of the group.


BEST ACTRESS:    Julianne Moore

It is not only her time now but out of the group I thought she really stood out.


BEST ACTOR:   Eddie Redmayne

This was my toughest decision and I feel there is a good chance the Academy will choose Michael Keaton based on his body of work. I would be okay with that decision. He was excellent but I felt Eddie’s detailed transformation made for a brilliant performance. My other choice would be Benedict Cumberbatch.


BEST MOTION PICTURE:    Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)

Here again I feel the Academy might reward Boyhood though if I did not choose Birdman first I would choose The Grand Budapest Hotel.



If for nothing else this movie deserved more nominations so the Academy will vote to give this the best song Oscar and I agree on the choice; it was the most memorable to me.


BEST ORIGINAL SCREENPLAY:    The Grand Budapest Hotel

I normally do not include this category in my predictions but because the movie was so different and fun, I wanted to list it as my 1st choice.


There you have it, this year’s predictions. No matter who wins, I had a great time watching all of these films.








About moviejoltz

From a long line of movie afficionados, one brother was the #1 renter of movies in the country with Blockbuster, I am following in the same traditions that came before me. To balance out the long hours seated in dark movie theaters, I also teach yoga and cycling. For the past 3 years, I have correctly picked the major Oscar winners... so join me as we explore the wonder of movies and search for that perfect 4 star movie.

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  1. I enjoyed Boyhood but an Oscar? Really? Nooooo! But then the Oscars have their agendas make no mistake.

  2. I’ll be interested to see how it all pans out! I’ve had fun the past year following your reviews. And I can never thank you enough for “taking the fall” on the bad ones. I do rely on you, you know! 😉

    • It has been such a joy “going to the movies” with you; I want to thank you deeply. And for the kindness you have shown me, taking the fall for the bad ones is the least I can do. Hope you enjoyed the Oscars.

  3. It has to be Benedict for best actor for me but he has some strong competition. For me the real injustice of the nominations was not giving a nod to Ralph Fiennes. How can the Academy give so many nominations to The Grand Budapest Hotel, including one for Best Picture, and at the same time not acknowledge Fiennes’ work? His performance carries the whole film. It’s an absolute tour de force.

  4. I hope The Tale of the Princess Kaguya wins best animation.

  5. Suskin, Howard S.

    Hi Jordan, I hope you enjoy the Academy Awards presentations on Sunday. Thanks so much for all your reviews over the past year, and especially for the warnings about blood and violence. Greatly appreciated! My favorites (and I’m still behind catching some of the contenders): Grand Hotel Budapest, Gone Girl, Boyhood, Skeleton Twins. Will be interested in reading your post-awards reactions.


    • Thank you for the comments and kind words Howard. I hope you enjoyed the show; I was pleased for the most part. Also, I am glad I can steer you away from the things that affect you strongly. May the new Oscar season bring one filled with surprise, fun, joy and continued good health.

  6. By virtue of the fact that I can only go to the cinema with children in tow, I have not seen all of the nominated films – just a fraction of them actually – but I feel like the nominations were either obvious or random this year. Does that make sense? Like some nominees were completely obvious shoe-ins for Oscar nods and then the numbers got made up in each category by pulling names from hats. Perhaps it is because I have not seen all of the movies and am just seeing inconsistencies in the patterns. As you note, ‘Grand Budapest Hotel’ (one I have seen and loved) has a good few nominations and yet Ralph Fiennes, whose performance surely anchored the success of the entire movie, has not been nom. And the ommission that has my family in incandescent outrage is that ‘The Lego Movie’ is not nominated for best animated feature. It was so startlingly original in its animation style and in its narrative structure that it really does seem churlish for it to have been overlooked.

    • I agree with your take on the nominations, especially The Lego Movie; I really wanted to see that in the final run. If you read tonight’s recap post you will see my view on the “Oscar races.” My wish for the new year is to see movies that surprise us and make us think. In you case, I hope you will be able to have a couple of nights out to go see the movies and I hope I can steer you to the most money worthy. Either way I hope you enjoyed the show and I look forward to taking a journey through next year’s Oscar race with you.

  7. Okay, I’m using this as my ballot at the party. Thanks, Jordan!

  8. So I’ve been doing my Oscar countdown..hope you’ve been able to read a few.. and we agree in a lot of categories.. Best Sup.Actress – I really didn’t even have a pick here that I thought worthy..so I said Laura Dern as she is the only one that moved me. I didn’t think Emma or Patricia were that great. but Patricia & her lengthy ‘thank you’ paper will win..Best Sup. Actor. it’s J.K. for sure..loved him since OZ but I saw Birdman before Whiplash & Norton was my fav until I saw J.K. I wouldn’t be mad if Norton won..but like you, I want J.K. Best Dir. we agree..& I know Linklater’s idea was brilliant..but the film itself was so average that ppl are falling for the idea I think more than the film. I wouldn’t mind if Anderson won. 🙂 Best Doc. I saw all but one. I would love Vivian to win as I didn’t like Citizenfour at all. If not Vivian..Virunga is my choice. I didn’t do Animated and best actress we agree.. best actor..I would like Keaton, but I think Redmayne is going to take it. and I won’t be mad over that in the slightest. Best Pic. how I would love an upset in this category and Whiplash to be that upset..ha! but I’m all Birdman..again, I was not a Boyhood fan..so there it is!! I can’t wait to see who comes out of it all.. Looking forward to it as much as you I’m guessing.. Cheers!

    • We both did well on the results didn’t we? lol Nice to know we have similar tastes in films. I hope you liked the show overall. I look forward to our journey together with the new Oscar season. Thanks for all of you support and kindness the past year.

      • We did wonderfully!! And you are so sweet as I too look forward to a whole new year of fun reviews..engaging discussions and yes, going along with you on the journey to next years Oscars!! Whoooohooooo!! 🙂

  9. How on earth did you make all those winning picks?? I am completely amazed! Kudos, congrats, or whatever you say in this situation. Or, in my down-home Texas-speak, “You done good!” 😀

  10. 8/10 predict. not bad.
    agree for best original screenplay. I really disappoint about this category.
    Budapest deserted it.

    but overall, I enjoy Oscar this year.
    see my predict:https://lazionebudy.wordpress.com/2015/02/21/oscar-prediction-2015-look-up-whos-fly/#comment-3472

    It’s 8/15.

  11. I’m glad that Oscar went to black and white Ida from Poland, in category of foreign language film. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    • I was very happy also since it was one of the films in the best foreign category I was lucky to have seen. Thanks for stopping by to leave your comments. And keep up the good work on your site; it was my pleasure visiting it.

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