Flash Movie Review: Poltergeist

The day before I went to see this movie, I was at a dinner party where I heard an incredible story. A friend, who lives in the house she grew up in, said her house has ghosts. The people around her did not know how to react to such a statement, so the majority of them replied by saying, “Really” with a question mark at the end. With her sister confirming there were ghosts, she told us about the wristwatch she lost 4 months ago. She had placed it on her dresser before she went to take a shower. When she returned, the watch was gone. She looked all around the dresser, even in the drawers, as she retraced her steps positive she had left the watch on the dresser. A week went by and still no watch so she went out and bought a new one. None of us knew how to respond; so we simply nodded our heads, letting her continue with her story. Months passed as she went about her business, opening and closing the drawers of her dresser on a daily basis. One day as she was getting ready to go out with her boyfriend, she opened one of the dresser’s drawers and sitting in the bottom of it was her original watch. That in itself would have been freaky enough but along with the watch was an old folded up piece of paper. When she unfolded the paper she saw it was a shopping list that her deceased sister had written years ago because the first item listed was cigarettes. Everyone listening to her story was speechless.    FORCED to downsize their expenses Eric and Amy Bowen, played by Sam Rockwell (The Way Way Back, Moon) and Rosemarie DeWitt (The Odd Life of Timothy Green, The Watch), took a deal on a smaller house. The real estate agent failed to mention the house was built on top of an old cemetery. This remake of the 1982 horror thriller was odd to me. The writers kept some of the original ideas in tact, but other iconic parts were discarded. Unfortunately they were not replaced with something that was more intense or memorable. The cast was okay even if I thought Sam was an odd choice. I admire his work, but having him in this film gave it a slightly comic bent. Another example was the character Carrigan Burke, played by Jared Harris (Lincoln, Natural Born Killers). He too was okay but his character did not have the impact like the original character he replaced. Now there were some scenes where I enjoyed the special effects; but here again, they just did not have the same level of intensity. So if you have not seen the original movie you may be okay with this modern version. I would have rather attended another dinner party with shared paranormal stories.


1 3/4 stars

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  1. I just hope they won’t remake the curse story of the original series as well…

  2. When I heard Poltergeist was being remade, I was conflicted. The original 1982 version scared the hell out of me as a child, yet I couldn’t stop watching it throughout the years. As to be expected, some of the special effects became dated over time, but that never changed the heart of the film. But something was missing from this remake and that’s a problem. It lacked heart and imagination. It was the exact same story told in a dull manner. Sure the special effects were well beyond those in the original film, but that wasn’t enough for me. Now I’m kicking myself for not seeing Mad Max: Fury Road instead, or just watching the original Poltergeist on DVD.

    • Oh no, you had a choice and say this over Mad Max; I am truly sad to hear this Bill. Your take on this film is simple and right to the point, emphasis on right. Thanks for sharing your views on this remake that left out the excitement.

  3. Although I don’t remotely believe in ghosts, I do love a good ghost story told well whether in a book, a movie or an anecdote. Since I am not a fan of the original Poltergeist, it seems as if I should give this remake the bum steer too.

  4. I found the ghost story very intriguing. We are off to see this film this coming weekend. Hope I find it at the very least, interesting. Oh, our daughters saw Pitch Perfect 2, and yes, they loved it, but I knew they would.

  5. I totally remember the first Poltergeist, it was my first year of college. I did watch that movie again several times over the years as I enjoyed the good ghost story. My daughter also went and watched Pitch Perfect 2, and she loved it! But then again, she just turned 16 today, different audience than you and I. 😉 And yes, I’ll pass on the remake of this.

    • Glad your daughter enjoyed Pitch Perfect 2; I understand this may be a generational thing. lol Regarding the original Poltergeist, I have heard similar stories from people and think it is so cool how the memories are still so vivid. Thanks for sharing your story with us.

  6. This is on my list…great review! 🙂

  7. Saw it and was disappointed 😑
    Didn’t like it! Only the girl, Maddy was cute😘
    The story didn’t impress me at all!

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