Flash Movie Review: The Bay

There was a time when I would think nothing of wrapping my hand around a door handle to open a door or borrow someone’s pen to fill out a form. I do not recall a specific incident or time when these actions turned into a forbidden hazard for me. If I am not wearing long sleeves or a jacket, you should see how I try to open a door without using the palm of my hand. To some people I must appear like a stroke survivor. Having individuals get offended at me when I refused their requests to borrow my pen, I now always carry extra pens with me to just hand out to folks and tell them to keep the pen. Reading up on the ways one can catch a cold or discovering what places at work have the dirtiest surfaces, I have discouraged everyone at work from sticking their hands into any communal bags of snacks that come into the office. Instead they need to pour out the amount they want on a plate or napkin. In my classes I always use a fist bump when greeting someone, in place of shaking hands with them. Before you decide that I am a bona fide germophobe, think about the times you have stood in a checkout line and seen the checker wipe their nose across their hand or sneeze into them just before they give you back your change. Yuck, I would use a charge card to make the purchase. So you see there is enough things in the real world that can be a hazard to our health which is why this horror film was scary.    CELEBRATIONS over the July 4th weekend turned deadly when the citizens of a small town started showing signs from an unknown illness that was rapidly spreading through the area. Written and directed by Barry Levinson (Liberty Heights, Sleepers), this film festival winning horror movie used the found footage style of filming. Due to the story line I understood why this method was used; however, the multiple sources and the shakiness of it became tiresome for me. The idea was great to base the story in a realistic setting because it only made this movie scarier for the viewer; it could have happened anywhere, not just off the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland. With cast members such as Kether Donohue (Pitch Perfect franchise, Boy Wonder) as Donna and Kristen Connolly (Revolutionary Road, The Happening) as Stephanie, I was not moved much by their performances. It was due to the script; though there were a few scary moments, I did not feel the level of fear provided the needed thrills a movie like this required to convey to the audience. However, this film sure made me think twice about what we are doing to our planet. Several scenes had blood in them.


2 stars — DVD



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From a long line of movie afficionados, one brother was the #1 renter of movies in the country with Blockbuster, I am following in the same traditions that came before me. To balance out the long hours seated in dark movie theaters, I also teach yoga and cycling. For the past 3 years, I have correctly picked the major Oscar winners... so join me as we explore the wonder of movies and search for that perfect 4 star movie.

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  1. The found footage thing was once novel, became a gimmick and is now beyond tired and becoming moribund. Film makers need to give it a rest and find better ways to deliver their story.

  2. Yeah, the Blair Witch Project kind of started it, but it gets old. This movie sounds interesting, if not for the shaky stuff. Thanks for the review.

  3. It is another kind of “Virus” movie, as if Ebola is not that scary enough? Wanna have another sort of deadly illness and unknown … Even flu and sinuses mutated every year that few of the antibiotics has not much effect anymore … Now that is scary, you know … Hollywood has no idea of what a good film is, right? …

  4. Just recall me the Fringe tv movies, War Z or Xfiles … but when you watch the real movies about what right now in the Oceans (several Great Pacific Garbage Patch), that give me goose skin!!! One thing is for sure, somewhere out there a conspiracy is real… but the Powers cut off all the informations so that our civilisation (better call it incivility) will end up very badly. Right? That has happened quite few times in the last 100 thousand years… Have a lovely evening (and stay away from any type of mind-conditioning…)

    • From your comments, I think you in particular would grasp the fear in this film. Thanks for stopping by to leave your comments; I appreciate it and I will try to stay away from that mind-conditioning thing. lol

  5. I really enjoyed this movie. But more for its environmentalist message than for the quality of its production. You know, stuff like this is actually happening around the world. And it is the reason why I tend to pick my food at one of the local farms. I remember just a couple of weeks ago one guy had flown a drone around one of the pig factory farms, and he had shown us that there were literally lakes of black water around. I know that you won’t probably get bugs into your body when drinking such water, but it is at least a popularized way how to make people more conscious about a problem that is real.

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