Flash Movie Review: Max

I used to think there were some dogs that were just bad, but I came to my senses. It turned out it really was the dog owners that were bad. My original train of thought was due to a loose dog in the neighborhood where I grew up, that tried biting me as I rode my bicycle down the street near its house. Luckily as I grew up there was a relative of mine that adopted a black poodle that changed my views about dogs. This poodle really showed my what it was like to have a dog be a member of the family. In my adult life I encountered many dogs that were the children of friends and family. I realized like children dogs were not born bad, they had to be trained or not be trained to act in a non-appropriate way. There was one dog in particular that touched me in a special way that cemented my feelings about dogs. This mixed breed dog was not only a loving creature, but was able to express empathy. I will never forget the time when its owner was lying on their bed crying and the dog quietly jumped up and lied down next to them, putting its front paw across their back. I was nearly speechless as I witnessed this sympathetic act. Now when I hear a story like I did last week from a member in my class about walking their dog when the neighbors 2 dogs ran out to attack her dog, I know it says more about the owner instead of their dogs. I believe this even more now that I have seen this heartwarming film. Β  Β UNABLE to be handled by anyone else after his handler Kyle Wincott, played by Robbie Amell (The DUFF, The Hunters-TV movie), was killed in the line of duty; the military had only one option left to avoid putting down Max, the bomb sniffing dog. They hoped Kyle’s parents Pamela and Ray Wincott, played by Lauren Graham (Evan Almighty, Bad Santa) and Thomas Haden Church (Easy A, Sideways), would take Max in and make him part of their family. Would they and their remaining son Justin, played by relative newcomer Josh Wiggins, want to have this dog in their house, reminding them of their tragic loss? This adventure family film won me over simply by having Max star in it. I was unfamiliar with this breed of dog, thinking Max was a German Shepherd mix. The script would have been stronger if it remained on the main story instead of going off with Kyle’s buddy. Also, I was quite aware I was being manipulated but still teared up because at the end of the day there is nothing like seeing a heroic dog.


2 3/4 stars









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From a long line of movie afficionados, one brother was the #1 renter of movies in the country with Blockbuster, I am following in the same traditions that came before me. To balance out the long hours seated in dark movie theaters, I also teach yoga and cycling. For the past 3 years, I have correctly picked the major Oscar winners... so join me as we explore the wonder of movies and search for that perfect 4 star movie.

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  1. While not being a dog person myself – sometimes an animal movie can prove to be cute & fun. This was not one of them. If I was going to write a review on it, I would be tempted to call it 3 kids, a dog & a dad fight a gun cartel.. because that’s about how ridiculous most of it was. As you noted, they should have stuck with the emotions. πŸ™‚

    • Yes, that side story was ridiculous and brought this film down. Max really sold this movie; I started my college years studying for vet school, so I am an animal person. Thanks for the comments.

    • Yes, that side story was ridiculous and brought this film down. Max really sold this movie; I started my college years studying for vet school, so I am an animal person. Thanks for the comments.

  2. This is kind of a film that makes one cry. I had once a very good, good dog. It’s a black Lab. He saved my life once in the forest while I did jogging when a guy followed me and sneaked on me. I remembered giving up a good fight that ends me being punched badly down my right rib. He broke two my lower rib bones. To tell you this, reminding me of that last terror of five years ago and out of nowhere came out this black figure of a creature of which I thought was a wolf. I thought I might die or that guy as well because I heard its growling and menacing act. It was later that I realized that the dog attacked the man and tore his thigh.

    It was a wild dog but it did not attack me as it was staring at me, deciding in a moment if it would go for me. BUt I just stared at it and call out to it gently. Now, he is a member of our family and he is such a very loving dog who protect my kids. It took us a few years to trained him well enough to make sure he does not attack anyone. Now, he is an old dog and rest well most of the time.

    Gosh … I will for sure going to watch this film … πŸ™‚

    • Sherrie I cannot express how touched I am that you were comfortable to share your amazing story here. I hope it would be okay if I retell it to friends and co-workers, it truly expresses my feeling about animals–the 4 legged kind. Thank heaven you had a happy ending and I am so glad to have met you this way. You will like this film I feel. Thanks once again.

      • Such incident as that happens to many people around the world. I could’ve never know that I almost a victim of brutal crime act of someone like that mad guy. I fear many things, but an evil human is the worse one because we know bad people can do un-imaginable things to their own kind. I think, not even demons can beat that sort of madness …

        I hope (always) everyday, that when my kids go off to school or return home from school, or where ever they are out there, to be safe and return home in piece …

        Speaking on return home, one of our neighbor had it bad. Few days ago their 14 years old drowned in the river while went swimming in the river … What a tragedy … We hope always a safe enviroment for the kids and yet this is one of thing we cannot prevent …

      • I agree with you that humans kind be truly evil. We just saw in the newspapers this week a mother who killed 2 of her 4 children and she had no remorse, was in fact non pulsed as she spoke in court about what she did to the kids. It was awful.

        My condolences to the neighbors; such a horrific tragedy.

      • Yes, what a tragedy … Felt horrible for the fate of her kids … Gosh … 😦

  3. I do want to see this movie, but movies with animals always leave me conflicted. I’m not sure how much “correction” was used to get the animal to perform on cue, show emotions, etc., so I always feel a bit hinky (as we say in Jersey) about these films. To an extent, I feel the same way about child actors. A bit of ambivalence, but I’ll probably see it. Great review, as ever, MJ!

    • Thank you for the comments. I have been asking people how does someone tell a dog to pretend to put its teeth around another dog’s neck during a fight. Things like that kept popping up for me in this film. If you go to see it, I would like to hear your reaction to it.

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