Flash Movie Review: A Walk in the Woods

Usually I am met with perplexed looks on friends’ faces when I tell them one of the highlights of my trip was taking public transportation. I do not know if I can explain it, but something connects inside of me when riding public buses or trains in a new city. There is a dual feeling of being an outsider yet fitting in with a group of strangers, going through a similar routine. One of the major benefits of taking public transportation is the opportunity to see multiple sights in an easy and quick fashion. When I was in Rome I remembered waiting for a subway train, standing among a crowd of office workers. Except for the language they were no different from the ones I see on my daily commute to work. I feel like I get a sense of a city’s energy or vibe as I ride around it. Similar to my friends not judging me (or at least I hope not), I do not question the things they insist on doing while on vacation. There is one friend who has to go to at least one museum no matter where he winds up. It could be a major institution or a little shack that is run by an elderly couple who remember the history about the area. I am sure most of us have the need to participate in things that are challenging to explain to others who do not have the same thought process. For that reason I understood why the main character had to do what he needed to do in this adventure comedy.    BILL Bryson, played by Robert Redford (All is Lost, The Horse Whisperer), was given one requirement by his wife Catherine, played by Emma Thompson (Saving Mr. Banks, Sense and Sensibility), if he insisted on going on this trip that made no sense to her. He could not go alone; he would have to find someone to join him. After going through a list of people, that someone turned out to be Stephen Katz, played by Nick Nolte (Warrior, Cape Fear), who still owed him $600.00. Having been out of touch for so many years, what would be the ultimate cost to have Stephen come with him? Based on Bill Bryson’s popular memoir, the cinematography was gorgeous in this film. I wished there had been even more shots of the landscape. The other thing I wanted was a decent script to match the caliber of the actors. All the story seemed to be was one lame gag after another; it was embarrassing to watch. It appeared as if all the writers wanted to do was provide schtick for Robert and Nick; it took away from the few decent scenes in this dramatic comedy. If the book of this true story has photos of his trip, I should have bought the book instead of watching this film version.


2 stars




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From a long line of movie afficionados, one brother was the #1 renter of movies in the country with Blockbuster, I am following in the same traditions that came before me. To balance out the long hours seated in dark movie theaters, I also teach yoga and cycling. For the past 3 years, I have correctly picked the major Oscar winners... so join me as we explore the wonder of movies and search for that perfect 4 star movie.

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  1. Your review was, as usual, enjoyable to read. Thank you. If you don’t mind, I offer one suggestion, re one sentence in the review.(I’m being pedantic, and I apologise for that.)
    Anyway, here is your original sentence: I do not question the things they insist on doing while on vacation.
    Revised: While on vacation, I do not question the things they insist on doing.

  2. I too enjoy taking public transit. The last time I was in manhattan, my friend was hailing a taxi and I saw a bus coming towards us and said, hey, let`s take this. He was stunned but acquiesced to please a still quite new girlfriend and actually enjoyed it. Why not? I rarely take a taxi in big cities…the best way to get around is public transit. We are even spoiled now with apps that will find in any city which bus to take…I enjoy that too:) I feel less touristy. Great review as always and not sure I want to see this movie although I do like both actors…perhaps this is what the producers were counting on…

  3. I like those two old blokes. I bet they get a lot of people seeing this just based on who they are, never mind the plot or movie.

  4. I like to visit parks or gardens, specially is they have lakes or are full of flowers 🙂

  5. Great actors and actress in this film. I would want to watch this too. Remind me on a film called “The Bucket List ” with Jack Nicholson & Morgen Freeman – that was a funny film.

  6. I really love, and was very intrigued by your introduction to this movie, from your public transportation riding perspective. As much as I can while travelling, I like to ‘fit in” by doing as much as the locals do, which includes public transportation.
    Thank you for sharing. Robert Redford’s acting career has spanned a LOT of years. Thanks for the review and the “heads up” on the script! 🙂

  7. I loved the book but was not sure how it could ever translate into an engaging movie. It seems from your review that it didn’t.

  8. I loved the book too, and I can’t wait to see the movie *_* The book itself is full of humor, Brison is a funny, ironic pen.

  9. I have this movie on my ….go see list. The books are always better than the movies, but you have to expect that.

  10. I haven’t been inclined to see the movie, I’ll admit. (Though I guiltily confess to a second shot at Best Marigold Hotel tonight.) Now, India has public transportation. I take public transport where ever I go if possible. I will be looking at your reviews, and musings.

    • It is a pleasure meeting you and thank you for taking the time to leave your comments. Best Marigold would be a better choice in my opinion. I hope you will find some hidden treasures among the reviews here. Thank you again.

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