Flash Movie Review: Eye in the Sky

I have known for a long time I could never live in a condominium. I would be the resident everyone would talk about after any of the condo board meetings. You see, I know if I voted differently than the majority I would be upset if I lost. Not for things that have to do with maintaining the buildings, but for items that do not interest me. Having a friend who was a board member for his condominium association, the stories he told me about the heated discussions, back stabbing and yelling only confirmed my decision never to live in such a dwelling. When too many people have a say in the decision process I have found it always to be filled with unhappy participants. If you do not believe me just get a group of say 6 to 8 people together and ask them where they want to go to eat out dinner. In my experiences I have never had a group all say the same place or cuisine. Now there is the “care factor” of your group; some individuals have a definite response and will only eat at certain places. Then there are others who go for the socializing aspect; the food is secondary for them. I have been part of both sides, being the dominant one on where we should all eat besides being on the not caring where we wind up side. The point is if no one can agree or make a decision then someone has to step up and lead the group to, under the circumstances, the best decision possible. It can be a hard decision but someone has to do it, just like in this military drama.   COLONEL Katherine Powell, played by Helen Mirren (Woman in Gold, Trumbo), suddenly had an opportunity open up that she had been waiting on for 6 years. If she was the only one who needed to make a decision she was ready. This film festival nominee was a tense thriller. Besides Helen the cast also had Aaron Paul (Triple 9, Need for Speed) as Steve Watts and Alan Rickman (Harry Potter franchise, Nobel Son) as Lt. General Frank Benson. The story fascinated me because of its relevancy and the logistics that were involved in creating the action. Without a question, Helen was terrific as usual and though I enjoyed seeing Alan, part of his performance reminded me of his Harry Potter character. Another reason why this film worked was due to the questions it presented in the decision process. If there is any truth to this story I am totally amazed with how many people are needed to be involved in the decision process. The type of action on display in this war picture is something I have seen before; however, my perceptions of it being similar to playing a video game are no longer true. All this time I thought getting people together to go out to dinner was a challenge; little did I know it pales in comparison to the decisions that had to be made in this movie.


3 stars




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From a long line of movie afficionados, one brother was the #1 renter of movies in the country with Blockbuster, I am following in the same traditions that came before me. To balance out the long hours seated in dark movie theaters, I also teach yoga and cycling. For the past 3 years, I have correctly picked the major Oscar winners... so join me as we explore the wonder of movies and search for that perfect 4 star movie.

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  1. Wow this sounds fascinating, thank you!

  2. Great cast. Must have been Rickman’s last film.

  3. Actually the images, after what happen in Paris and couple of days ago in Belgium (the two places I use to visit and not very far from where I live), gives you chill down the spine…
    And yes, we don’t know a damn thing about what right now (in the real world) is going on with the “war” against ISIS. In the US you hear about it, and I guess after the scar 11.9. you still get the terrible feeling of impotence.
    Here in EU we are afraid to get into a great cathedral, to go to a music hall or an amusement park or to take a plane to fly somewhere for vacation.
    I don’t think I’ll be in the mood to scare my brain with this movie, reality is right now enough scary.
    ISIS is like a cancer: if you have metastasis all over the body… it is too late, I guess there was too many people involved in taking a sooner decision, once and for all. Now we don’t have anymore control.

    • I certainly understand what you must be feeling, especially now. I agree this film may be too much for you to watch presently. However, it is worth seeing just for Helen’s performance. Thank you for sharing your thoughts here, I appreciate it.

  4. Great! Love Helen Mirren. Too bad about Rickman; though, I do understand how a certain character may ‘interfere’. Still, this one sounds like a keeper!
    I very much understand the ‘decision making process’ of which you’ve spoken. Another coincidence! My first husband and I were on the board of our ‘Body Corporate’ for the block of units in which we lived. To say it was an unforgettable memory, would be an understatement. Tenants, and owners, could be seen making a path to our door with frequency! Arguments ensued after every monthly meeting, and we needed to be extremely diplomatic else we stood on pained feet… Needless to say – never again!

    • Carolyn, more and more we are finding out we are walking down a similar path. Though it had to be a rough time I so appreciate you sharing a part of yourself here. Thank you for the comments and I hope you get to see Helen’s great performance in this film. If you do I would enjoy hearing your thoughts. Have a good weekend, I am off for a quick vacation.

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    Drones, anyone?

  6. I went to see this last night – a good friend had recommended it very highly. I think your review and 3 stars was perfectly on target. I did find myself less on the edge of my seat and almost a little bored as it went on and on without a resolution. I even had my own idea – fly that little drone over to the girl to get her to leave that table (of course, then they couldn’t see what was going on in the back room). Argh!
    So the ending wasn’t too pleasant. And the whole movie was a bit of a drain – maybe 2 stars instead of 3!

    • Please forgive me but I had to edit your comments because you revealed too much about the film. However I do appreciate you coming back to share your thoughts on this film, thank you.

      • You’re welcome – sorry, I hadn’t thought of that when I shared so many details. I might do it again knowing that you can hear my thoughts but adjust it for the audience! Yes, good thinking not to make my comment a “spoiler!”

      • Glad you agree. For myself, I try to see a movie before hearing or reading anything about it. In turn, I try to review a film with saying little about the story of it. Thanks for understanding.

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