Flash Movie Review: The Magnificent Seven

It only takes a few minutes after the alarm goes off before the sense of dread awakens inside of you. With a heaviness that weighs you down, you would think it would be thick enough to fend off any physical blows. Sadly it does not prevent it. When you are living with dread, you really have no idea how much energy it takes away from you. Like a straw continuously seeking out the last drops of a bottomless glass, dread constantly makes it presence known no matter what you are doing to distract yourself from it. Unfortunately I know too well what I speak of; dread was my unwanted friend for an entire school year. My daily walk to school was devoted to planning out what escape routes I would use for the day. One never wanted to be caught navigating the same route each day because it could provide for an easy ambush. Bathrooms were always avoided between class times. Instead I would either ask for a hall pass during the class or wait for a free period; I had to wait for a time when it would be less likely anyone would be lying in wait for me. Unless you have been bullied, you may not understand what it feels like to always be on the defensive throughout the day. I was not the only one who was targeted and that was something I never understood. The general population, whether it is in a school or a town, is usually so much larger than the bully and their cohorts; yet the masses rarely band together to stop the bully. At least that has been my experiences. It was hopeful to see that was not the case in this action western remake of a classic film.   DETERMINED to take over the entire town Bartholomew Bogue, played by Peter Sarsgaard (Orphan, Jarhead), gave the townsfolk an ultimatum. One citizen, a recent widow due to Bartholomew, was willing to fight for her land; but she needed help. Starring Denzel Washington (The Equalizer, Training Day) as Chisolm, Chris Pratt (Guardians of the Galaxy, Jurassic World) as Josh Faraday and Ethan Hawke (Born to be Blue, Good Kill) as Goodnight Robicheaux; the only actors who stood out for me were Ethan, Chris and Peter. I thought Denzel was a generic version of the character, not quite believable. The filming of this movie was the highlight; the outdoor scenes were the best. As for the action scenes some really popped out with intensity while others seemed scattered and all over the place. I really felt the script was what prevented this picture from achieving its lofty goals. The reason I say lofty is because it was obvious everyone involved was trying to make this a modern classic, even taking on the original music during the ending credits. Unfortunately it did not work; overall this film production was uneven. There were parts I could get into but then other times I found them bland. Also this movie was way too long; it could have used some extra editing. I am sure the film studio wants this picture to punch its way to the top of the box office charts; however, I do not think the other movies will let it stay there.


2 ½ stars




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From a long line of movie afficionados, one brother was the #1 renter of movies in the country with Blockbuster, I am following in the same traditions that came before me. To balance out the long hours seated in dark movie theaters, I also teach yoga and cycling. For the past 3 years, I have correctly picked the major Oscar winners... so join me as we explore the wonder of movies and search for that perfect 4 star movie.

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  1. It seems this is a popular film to review. One other review actually said the music detracted from the film and that Denzel fell short of his stature in the industry. Long films are only a bother if I notice and find myself checking my watch which another critic said they were doing several times throughout the film.Too bad. I was looking forward to it. Thanks for your assessment.

  2. I watched the original the other night. Brilliant. I’m looking forward to seeing the new version. Oh and on bullying… I was bullied until I stood up for myself. Then I became a bully until I grew smarter. Then I stood up for the bullied, got my arse kicked a few times but I like to think I hit back just as hard. It takes a strong person to stand up for themselves and a stronger person to stand up for others. I’M Batman!

    • I will be curious to what you think of this film compared to the original. I’m glad you found your strength; they do say we are only given what we can handle. Thanks for the comments.

  3. I really rather enjoyed it…

    … and that my friends is why I don’t write film reviews

    • My feelings are simple; as long as a movie moves a person, either in a negative or positive way, then the film has done its job. I am glad you enjoyed this film and thank you for the comments.

  4. I think I’ll be staying away from this remake and that’s coming from a guy who loves his Westerns. I think Studios are remake solid tried and tested classics, hoping they’ll find a new audience. When they lose something the original had – originality, that flash if excitement and uniqueness. Granted this 1960 film is a remake of Kurosawa’s. To general audiences this is a rehash that is trying to recapture what is now lost. I’ll be waiting for the TV premiere instead, that way I wont feel so bad when it all goes wrong. Thanks for sharing.

  5. The original is a long-time favorite of mine. Glad for your review of the remake.

    • I am so glad you were able to see my review before going to see this film. With you being a fan of the original you might have gotten upset seeing this new one. Thank you for the comments.

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