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Flash Movie Review: Brick Lane

If there are no accidents and there is a reason for everything, do you then accept what fate has doled out? Or do you set your mind to have some control over your destiny? Having controlling tendencies, this movie came across to me in a powerful way. Sixteen year old Nazneem, played by Tannishetha Chatterjee (Shadows of Time, Watch Indian Circus) was sent to London for an arranged marriage. Leaving behind her family in Bangladesh with its beautiful surroundings; her new life was confined to a small, concrete London flat with this older gentleman, husband to be Chanu Ahmed, played by Satish Kaushik (Rascals, Double Dhamaal). I readily admit the idea of an arranged marriage is a foreign concept to me. ┬áTo see Nazneem’s spirit literally being crushed by her portly husband, with her only lifeline being the letters she would receive from her sister back home, was heartbreaking to watch. With a wonderful script and tender, heartfelt acting; this film blossomed with such emotion, I felt a visceral reaction deep inside of me. As the movie came to an end, I quietly stayed seated and thought about how much influence did one really have over their fate. Bengali and English language.


3 stars — DVD


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