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Flash Movie Review: Children of Invention

The relationship between siblings comes in a multitude of varied forms. Being best friends to hated rivals and everything in between, one never knows what influences the outcome. When a group of bullies beat me up after school; it was my oldest brother who came to the school, not my father. There was a reason for this; my brother had a special way of inducing fear into the bullies that the school teachers could not replicate. Based on birth order, sometimes the eldest child has to take on a parental role. With me being the youngest, I want to be perfectly clear I was not spoiled; despite what the rest of my family may think. In this captivating movie, the relationship between two siblings took on new meaning due to outside factors. Brother Raymond, played by newcomer Michael Chen, had to be a parent to his little sister Tina, played by newcomer Crystal Chiu; when their mother did not return to the apartment they were illegally occupying, just outside of Boston. Their mother Elaine Cheng, played by Cindy Cheung (Lady in the Water, Red Doors), was a hard working, single parent who tried to shield her children from the reality of their plight. However, it was an observant Raymond who did his best to protect his sister. I not only found the story to be believable, but wondered how many families had experienced similar hardships. The two child actors were wonderful in their roles. Raymond as the quiet thinker and Tina the innocent little girl who was unaware of her family’s dire circumstances. What a beautiful movie that displayed the strong bond between a brother and sister.


3 1/4 stars — DVD

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