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Flash Movie Review: Gods of Egypt

There is not a day or two that goes by where I do not hear or see in print the term “OMG.” Usually it comes from younger people, but I have heard folks older than myself uttering it. I am willing to bet some of the individuals who use this term are only using it as an expression of surprise or disbelief, not making a statement about their faith. There is another term, “God’s gift,” that I do not hear as much these days; it always had negative connotations associated with it as far as I could tell. When you heard someone say, “That person thinks they are God’s gift,” what was implied was that person thought they were better than other people. Have you ever encountered such a person? Unfortunately I have met more than my share of such people; I refer to them as demigods. This may be a broad use of the term for it could refer to that person who thinks they know more than you, always telling you what you “should” do; or it could be used for an individual who looks down at you, believing they are better or the things they have are superior to yours. I find it sad, especially when that demigod assumes they have more power because they think they are better. Sadly in my life’s experiences I have seen more corrupt people in positions of power than kinder ones. It bears repeating because I find it so true: absolute power corrupts absolutely.    DECIDING it was his turn to rule Set, played by Gerard Butler (Chasing Mavericks, Olympus Has Fallen), defeated his nephew Horus, played by Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (Mama, Game of Thrones-TV), who was the rightful heir. The city’s citizens would be subjected to a new period of oppressive dark times. It has been reported this action fantasy had a budget of $140 million dollars which I found absolutely startling. For that much money I expected to be wowed by the special effects that played heavily in this story. What I saw instead was cheap looking effects covering a poorly written script. With Brenton Thwaites (The Giver, Maleficent) as Bek and Geoffrey Rush (Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, The Book Thief) as Ra, I found the characters bordering on buffoonery. Geoffrey’s character and the place he resides in was ridiculous enough to make me wonder who would write such a character in that way. Now the fact this adventure film was not released early for reviewers, I did not have high hopes when I walked into the movie theater. However, I would have settled for a light fun fantasy picture with decent CGI effects; this film was boring in parts and in fact, it almost seemed as if it was pieced together in random order. If it is true what I read recently that the movie studio was hoping this film would kickoff a new movie franchise, then I am sad to say this fantasy really is a fantasy of the studio.


1 3/4 stars




Flash Movie Review: The Pyramid

The reason certain man-made creations are called wonders of the world is because they started out in someone’s imagination, being the first of its kind ever to grace this planet. To be different and never seen before; it must have been mind blowing when objects like the Great Wall of China or the Great Pyramid of Giza were initially discussed. In addition, where did the idea even come from? Whether I am fortunate to see the object with my own eyes or only view it by electronic means, I wonder what it must have been like for the people who did the manual labor. From history books I am aware the labor consisted of slaves; were they even aware of what they were building or just told to move one rock from one pile to another. There have been enough movies that have fueled the idea that each famous structure had several curses associated with it. I know with my imagination I could come up with some wild ideas for curses.    UPON discovering a lost pyramid, an archaeological team discovered a way inside that they hoped would lead them to understanding the nature of the unusual 3 sided structure. What they soon realized was they were not alone. Some of the major players in this horror film were Ashley Hinshaw (Chronicle, True Blood-TV) as Nora, Denis O’Hare (Dallas Buyers Club, American Horror Story-TV) as Holden, James Buckley (Charlie Countryman, The Inbetweeners franchise) as Fitzie and relative newcomer Christa Nicola as Sunni. The opening scenes were effective in setting up the story, softly starting out before bringing in the intensity and shock value. I have to tell you this was the only positive aspect to this film. If you have never seen a horror film before, then this picture may be able to keep your attention, but I think that is a lot to ask for. Let me start with the acting; it was sad because the script provided nothing for the actors. With such generic predictable lines being uttered or screamed, I was bored for the majority of the movie. There was only one special effect that I thought was decent and yet, I am hesitant to mention what it was in case someone is determined to inflict pain on themselves by sitting through this mess. It did not have to be this way since there was enough to choose from with most of us aware of ancient pyramids, curses and myths in some form or another; all that was needed was a better script and director. This may not be nice to say but having sat through this film I felt as if I had been cursed. There were a few scenes that showed blood.


1 1/3 stars

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