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Flash Movie Review: Just Buried

When you find someone who has the same type of humor and similar likes/dislikes as you, it feels like you two are members of a secret club. The two of you may have the opposite reaction to something compared to everyone else around you but it is fine; both of you are sharing the same thought which only strengthens the bond between you. There is a term called “thick as thieves” which means two or more people are very close or friendly, sharing secrets. The term is an informal version of “partners in crime.” Growing up I had a cousin who was my partner in crime. We would take dishwater detergent bottles, pour the contents into a bowl, then fill the bottles up with water to use them as squirt guns. Our neighbors’ kids thought we were weird until they got doused with a blast of water from our bottles; they were more powerful than the average squirt gun. Even in my adult life I have several friends who are like my partners in crime. There is one friend I enjoy going with to the theater because we have such similar tastes; we usually get the same reactions to the things we see up on stage. You may find us laughing or crying at a scene while the theater patrons around us remain blank and emotionless. At least we had each other; can you imagine what it would be like if you were with someone who did not get you? It would be awkward.    OLIVER Whynacht, played by Jay Baruchel (This is the End, The Art of the Steal), inherited a funeral home that was nearly bankrupt. Things looked grim until mortician Roberta Knickle, played by Rose Bryne (Neighbors, This is Where I Leave You), found a way to increase the number of funerals at the home. This film festival winner was a twisted dark humored dramedy. Having been introduced to Rose in more current films, I enjoyed watching her in this older movie because it showed she had excellent comedic timing even back then. The cast, which also included Grahan Green (Dances with Wolves, The Green Mile) as Henry Sanipass and Nigel Bennett (Legends of the Fall, The Skulls) as Chief Knickle, was fine overall. As for the story it had a familiar vibe to it; I could predict what was going to happen in several scenes. Compared to other movies of a similar vein, I would have to say this was an average one. With this being a black comedy I would suggest you watch this DVD with someone who enjoys this type of humor; otherwise, they may sit there and think you are just odd. There were scenes with blood in them.


2 stars — DVD

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