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Flash Movie Review: Obvious Child

Luck is such a fickle thing that some people get it in abundance while others barely get a visit from it. I have a friend who may not win the top prize in a raffle contest, but more times than not, he wins something. And don’t get me started on his luck in always finding a parking spot, no matter how congested the neighborhood may be. I feel I am having a lucky day if I can make it to work without being stopped by a train at a railroad crossing. Along with luck comes an emotional attachment. For example, if you are feeling lucky your entire day seems easier to navigate. On the other hand if you encountered a stint of bad luck it can make your day feel like you are wearing clothes that are 2 sizes too small for you. There is a saying, “When it rains it pours,” that some of you may know. It basically means if something goes wrong the chances are pretty good more things will be going wrong for you. I have the perfect example since it just happened to me this week. My pipes below my kitchen sink sprung a leak. The next day my shower head cracked and now leaks out the back when I take a shower. Yesterday I discovered I have a raccoon who decided to take up residence in the roof of my house. You probably can guess I am not having a good week. Now I understand everything is relative because I have to say Donna Stern, played by Jenny Slate (This Means War, Saturday Night Live-TV), was having a worse time in this comedic romance. After being dumped by her boyfriend and losing her job, Donna soon found out she was pregnant. Trying to earn a living as a comedienne, Donna would air her problems out to any audience who would listen to her. This was an interesting movie that offered a different take on a controversial subject. I could not tell if Jenny was acting or just being herself; this is how she came across on film. Included in the cast were Jack Lacy (The Office-TV, Better With You-TV) as Max and Gabe Hoffman (Field of Dreams, Uncle Buck) as Nellie. Parts of this movie were funny and I enjoyed the switching of scenes between Jenny’s act and her life. The issue I had with this film festival nominee concerned the script. I felt the characters other than Donna stayed pretty close to the surface, not giving them the opportunity to dig deeper inside of themselves. In turn, I never became fully invested in the movie. Maybe I just was not having a lucky day. There were scenes with strong language.


2 1/2 stars

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