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Flash Movie Review: October Baby

This movie made me angry and it was not because of the politics of the story. I am going to do my best not to get into the controversy brewing around this film. The main and most important issue I had with the entire movie was that it was not a movie. It was one big marketing campaign. The acting was dreadful; at one point I felt it was striving so hard to be a classic tearjerker. With schmaltzy songs that were used as a bridge to the next scene; it was pitiful. And as for the script, it had no character development, was simplistic and I felt it was unabashedly manipulative. Shame on everyone involved with this movie for putting out this rubbish and calling it a movie. I was just about to write that this movie played like a made for TV movie, but that would be an insult to all the wonderful work studios do for the small screen. If you ask me, if the studio would have made this as a documentary I could see this story working. Here is the story: college freshman Hannah, played by relative newcomer Rachel Hendrix, discoverd she was adopted and a survivor of a failed abortion. Trying to find answers and reasons, she goes on a journey with her friend Jason, played by Jason Burkey (Losers, Take All), to find the woman who tried to abort her. For a film that tried to make the audience  weep, the four women sitting in front of me laughing, were not buying it.  And neither was I.


1 star


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