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Flash Movie Review: Entourage

As the totals rise in one’s bank account, the chances of arrogance and entitlement increase as well. Now I am not saying this applies to everyone who saves money or becomes wealthy; but I have come across many, shall we say, well-off individuals who feel they are better than other people, who pontificate and brag to anyone who will listen to them because they have money. There is nothing I find more irritating than someone unsolicitedly telling me what I should be doing. I knew this person who came into a lot of money. The change in them was amazing as they went from this friendly unpretentious person to a big blowhard. They would always be flashing their money around; taking small groups of people out to dinner, to bars and stores so they always had a willing audience around them. I got a real taste of them at a party which we both happened to be attending and let me tell you, it was not pretty. I came across them right in the middle of a heated discussion with someone about some type of profession. It was startling how this braggart would utter offensive statements, discarding the other person’s opinion on the subject. There is one thing I always say: no person has control over another person, nor can they tell you how you should feel.    THINGS have changed for the group of friends from the hit television series. Ari Gold, played by Jeremy Piven (Old School, Serendipity), was now the head of a movie studio that was funding a picture for his actor friend Vince, played by Adrian Grenier (The Devil Wears Prada, Drive Me Crazy), who was directing and starring in it.  Over budget with producers complaining, everyone’s reputation was at stake; this film needed to be a huge success. I have never seen the series. This was my first time seeing Ari and Vince along with Eric, Turtle and Johnny Drama; played by Kevin Connolly (The Notebook, Antwone Fisher), Jerry Ferrara (Think Like a Man, Lone Survivor) and Kevin Dillon (Platoon, The Doors). This comedy as far as I was concerned was barely funny. I thought the script was such a mess; except for the cars, I would have thought this story took place in the 1980s because of the women’s roles and excessiveness shown throughout the film. Most of the female actresses were relegated to minor characters. With a variety of cameo appearances and the over the top acting; I felt everyone was trying so hard to make this story relevant. I was bored throughout most of the film and am still not sure if there was supposed to be some point to this movie. Sitting through this was like being lectured by a pompous jerk.


1 1/2 stars




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