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Flash Movie Review: Language of a Broken Heart

A broken heart is not exclusive to a particular gender, religion or ethnic race. It can and does affect anyone. When you have been in a loving relationship where one of the individuals has decided to leave; it can cause your heart to deflate, letting your strength seep out and be washed away by your aching bloodstream. If the relationship should split apart due to your trust being broken; the heart screams in pain. The mental images of the distrustful act repeatedly stab at you heart’s flesh. Generally anyone who has experienced a broken heart finds some way to escape from the pain. If you can believe it, I get lost further into watching movies. My record was watching 7 movies in a row. For the character in this romantic comedy, it was going back home to his mother. Juddy Talt (Ghost Whisperer: The Other Side-TV) wrote and starred in this film as Nick, the best selling author on love relationships. After finding his girlfriend in bed with another man, Nick left his New York City apartment and went home to his mother Mimi, played perfectly by Julie White (Michael Clayton, Transformers franchise). Would Nick’s heart be able to heal enough to experience love again? Telling the story from a male’s perspective was an interesting twist for this movie. It was funny that I found the female characters Mimi and bookstore owner Emma, played by Kate French(Fired Up, Accepted) the strongest figures. I wanted to know more about the relationship between mother and son, feeling it would have added more depth to the story. There were a few amusing scenes and I was able to find parts that were relatable. However, I felt parts of the movie lacked emotion. In its favor the soundtrack was fun, accentuating the scenes. Affairs of the heart can be deep and emotional; this was a lighter and softer version.


2 stars

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