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Flash Movie Review: Lebanon

There are some skills I have been trained in that I hope I will never have to perform. Every year I must be re-certified in CPR if I want to continue teaching my cycle and yoga classes, besides keeping my fitness certifications current. I only hope an opportunity will never present itself to me, where I must utilize my CPR training. Speaking to a coworker who had to perform CPR on a member, he said his body was flooded with adrenalin as everything became quiet around him. The only sound he heard was his counting as he preformed chest compressions. He kept the member alive until the paramedics came and took over, saving the member’s life. In this intense war drama, the soldiers’ training did not prepare them for the real battle. The time was 1982 during the first Lebanon/Israeli war. A small group of soldiers operating a tank accompanied a platoon of paratroopers to a bombed out town, to flush out any remaining resistance. The entire movie was filmed from inside the tank. Starring relative newcomer Yoav Donat as Shmuli, Zohar Shtrauss (Eyes Wide Open, Things Behind the Sun) as Gamil, Oshri Cohen (Agora, Bonjour Monsieur Shlomi) as Hertzel and Itay Tiran (The Debt, Die Lebenden) as Assi; the atmosphere inside the tank was a simmering stew of fear, sweat, horror and confusion as they entered hostile territory. I thought the acting was gritty and taut between the characters. With only having an optical periscope to view the outside, the effect worked for me; I felt myself constantly being drawn into the small world of the tank soldiers. This multi nominated, winning film depicted a soldier’s harsh reality, showing a disconnect between one’s duty and morality. No matter how much training a person receives, it does not always prepare them for the real world. Scenes with blood. Hebrew and Arabic with English subtitles.


3 1/4 stars — DVD

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