Flash Movie Review: Bad Moms

What I am about to say may sound completely foreign to some of you, as if I lived on a different planet. It is okay because I have seen the generational shift and what was the norm for me does not apply to the present anymore. When I would come home from school I only stayed for enough time to put my books and supplies away before heading out to meet up with my friends. Depending on the day or our moods we would play games, go to the music store or climb trees, along with a variety of other activities. Of course if I had a school project there were times I could not participate and spent the afternoon at the library. There really was not much structure for any us. Sure there were days where someone had to stay home and work on their homework; depending on the amount, I used to do my homework after dinner. That was then, I am aware things are different now. I have seen and heard the schedules some kids have these days and it leaves me exhausted just hearing about it. Some children’s parents keep up a rigorous schedule of after school activities, such as soccer, science lab, painting; essentially any and everything from the arts, science and sports. I see these small children toting these massive backpacks that I am surprised don’t make the kids fall over. From some of the conversations I have heard from parents it seems peer pressure plays a major factor in this constant need to keep their kids occupied with extracurricular activities. The thought of being considered a “bad mom” seems to be enough motivation to keep up with the majority; or does it?   FOR all intents and purposes Amy, played by Mila Kunis (Friends with Benefits, Jupiter Ascending), did it all. She had a job, took care of the kids, participated in the PTA and kept the household going. Everyone has their breaking point and sometimes it takes only one thing to break everything down. As I sat and watched this film it occurred to me I could not remember the last time I had heard so much laughter from an audience, including myself. This comedy had extremely strong language and inappropriate humor; you have been warned. From the comments I heard afterwards it appeared as if most women who were mothers could relate to this picture. Along with Mila there was Kathryn Hahn (We’re the Millers, This is Where I Leave You) as Carla, Kristen Bell (The Boss, Veronica Mars-TV) as Kiki and Christina Applegate (Vacation, Hall Pass) as Gwendolyn; these four women were outstanding in their roles. Despite the non-believability to some scenes the comedic strength of these actresses propelled the story throughout the movie. The soundtrack fit perfectly with the scenes and I thought the use of slow motion accentuated the humor. As a side note the majority of the movie goers were female; but, the men who were there laughed just as much as the women. I think most anyone would find this comedy entertaining. And no one would judge any of you with children for letting loose and having a good time watching this film.


3 stars



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From a long line of movie afficionados, one brother was the #1 renter of movies in the country with Blockbuster, I am following in the same traditions that came before me. To balance out the long hours seated in dark movie theaters, I also teach yoga and cycling. For the past 3 years, I have correctly picked the major Oscar winners... so join me as we explore the wonder of movies and search for that perfect 4 star movie.

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  1. Oh good. I will look forward to seeing this comedy when the chance arises. Something that pokes fun at the trials and tribulations of modern parenthood is quite appealing to me.

    My kids are certainly not experiencing the same freedom that I did as a kid but nor are they overwhelmed by expectations and activities like most of their friends. School and homework takes up so much of their day that I want them to have unstructured play time as a way to decompress. But then I worry that I am not training them to be driven and competitive like their peers are and maybe putting them at a disadvantage by being more relaxed with them. So I think all parents worry about being “bad” or about failing their kids regardless of the approach. The problem is that we can only know that we have gotten it right when it is too late.

  2. I didn’t laugh a whole bunch, but I’m not the target audience and comedy is subjective. Fairly nice message, though. Great review, Joltz.

  3. This movie is on my “go and see it” list. The part of the trailer with mom driving reminded me of living in the San Francisco area in the late 1980’s and taking the hills fast enough in my Isuzu Trooper to bounce at the top. The kids loved it. Yes, I heard the words “bad mom” a few times, once from a neighbor who, as it turned out, now has a son in jail. There’s nothing like pointing to my successful children as proof that I must have done something right. Either that, or they raised themselves well. 🙂

    • You are officially a cool mom; I love the idea of thrilling your children riding the hills of SF. And congratulations on your children’s success;I always felt it wa a bit of a crap shoot, with a goal of raising kids to become thinking and independent human beings. Thanks for the comments and I cannot wait for you to see this film.

  4. Thanks for your visit to my blog!
    An interesting review and point of view. As a child I spent a lot of time on homework and extracurricular activities but I never felt like I was missing out on unstructured playtime, perhaps because I had enough of that at weekends to balance out my busy weeks. Provided children are choosing to do the extracurricular activities rather than being forced into an overly busy schedule, I think that having the opportunity to try new things is marvellous.

    • Hi it is a pleasure meeting you. You made an excellent point I could have used in my review: “…children choosing instead of being forced.” Thanks for stopping by to leave your comments and keep up the great work on your site.

  5. Ha! I would LOVE to see this!

  6. This is not my kind of movie ever – but glad you have it three stars – different comedy for different folks….

  7. On my list, now. I had my doubts because it seemed a bit like ‘Stepford Wives do Dallas’ only with a PG rating, from the trailer.

    On another note, I only discovered your blog recently and am enjoying how you do your reviews. 🙂 One quibble though, could you break up the text a bit? One long run-on paragraph per post is a bit hard on the eyes.

    • Hi it is a pleasure to meet you and thank you for stopping by to leave your comments. I would enjoy hearing your thoughts on Bad Moms after seeing it. Regarding the break I have heard the same thing from several people which is why I split it in 2 by adding 4 spaces and putting the 1st word of the 2nd part in bold. I will look at other options for the future.

  8. Good to hear that mothers liked this film – I suspect it resonated a lot with the audience I sat with (in the UK) who, like me, roared with laughter during the film. I felt it could have pushed harder than a couple of p*ss-ups to make them ‘bad’ moms and touch on this in my own review. What did you guys think? http://bit.ly/BadMomsFilm

    • HI it is a pleasure to meet you and that you for stopping by to leave your comments. Here in the states the reviews have all been positive and my own straw poll has showed both genders connected with the film, laughing out loud throughout the film.

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