Flash Movie Review: The Keys to the House

If the animal kingdom has several species like tiger sharks and hamsters that eat or discard their young, then does it not make sense there would be some humans who do the same thing? Maybe I should clarify what I mean since I am not saying there are parents who literally eat their children; I am referring more to the discarding or the total emotional and mental consumption aspect of the parent/child relationship. From stories I have heard to ones I have seen reported on the news I still react with a sense of shock to some of the stories. For example when the news reporter is interviewing the parents of a child accused of a killing spree or bombing a place I have to wonder if the parents really had no idea their child was capable of such an act. The parents tearfully express their sadness, telling the reporter their son or daughter was always a good child. I am curious about this; is it possible or are the parents so removed from their child’s life they have no clue what their children are capable of doing? I do not have an answer. Perhaps I mentioned this in an earlier review about my friend who was on a jury involved in a case about a mother who hung her 2 year old son off the fire escape of their apartment building. What would possess a parent to do such a thing? But then I think about the classes I attended in school where we had a discussion about the culture where parents would drown their new born babies if they were born female. Now I have such a hard time wrapping stuff like this around my brain because I feel children do not ask to come into this world; however, if a person is going to bring a child into this world then they need to do what is in the best interests for that child. I would be curious to hear what you think about what happened in this dramatic film.   FIFTEEN years had passed before Gianni, played by Kim Rossi Stuart (Angel of Evil, Those Happy Years), decided to see his handicapped son Paolo, played by newcomer Andrea Rossi, for the first time. Gianni did not know what to expect. This film festival winning movie was fortunate to have Charlotte Rampling (45 Years, The Duchess) play the character Nicole because she was wonderful in the role. Along with Pierfrancesco Favino (World War Z, Angels & Demons) as Alberto the script tended to push the sentimental aspects of the story but to tell you the truth it did not bother me. I was grabbed early on into this picture, impressed by the acting and the story. If this had been done by a Hollywood studio I think this film would have been over done; instead, the direction and script provided a straight forward and honest portrayal of the events. There was a line that Charlotte’s character says that will prove my point. Do not be surprised if this foreign film gives you a new appreciation of what it means to be a parent. Italian and German were spoken with English subtitles.


3 ¼ stars — DVD




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From a long line of movie afficionados, one brother was the #1 renter of movies in the country with Blockbuster, I am following in the same traditions that came before me. To balance out the long hours seated in dark movie theaters, I also teach yoga and cycling. For the past 3 years, I have correctly picked the major Oscar winners... so join me as we explore the wonder of movies and search for that perfect 4 star movie.

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  1. Good review and sounds interesting. I will look for it on my fire~

  2. You raise some interesting questions, which made me think.
    True, a child does not ask to be conceived. Many times this happens without any real deep desire to give life to another being … is referred to as a “mistake”. The choices are dual, continue with the pregnancy or have an abortion.
    Not by the demagogues of judgment, every sentient being is free to make the choice he considers most appropriate.
    You also refer that in the animal kingdom, a creature genetically not “correct” or strong enough to survive, is eaten by the same parent (in the case of predators) or simply abandon. This is the universal law, as we see it, as spectators, as a layman.
    I watched the movie several years ago, I was greatly impressed. Arguing in a circle of close friends, the question “what I would do in a similar situation” was raised by someone.
    These situations always lead to the disputes connected with the faith, morality, courage …
    To resume from your observation that a child does not ask to be conceived, I will answer that by following the Buddhist philosophy is clear to me that the karma of each of us prepares the next reincarnation. I know, it is a question a bit out of place, here with you, because I am aware that it is not easy to understand for everyone.
    To every sentient being who takes on a human body, it is then given the “right to evolve” a spiritual level in order to generate positive karma on the basis of their actions.
    Consequently, in our next return in samsara, at the maturity of our karma, we will face on the basis of the Law of Cause and Effect, what we ourselves have woven.
    Have a lovely weekend :-)claudine

    • I am so appreciative that you took the time to share your take on the review, thank you. I am somewhat familiar with Buddhist philosophy so I agree with what you are saying.

      You also have a wonderful weekend.

  3. Wow! The trailer is intriguing. I worked with autistic children many years ago and the majority of my students were in foster homes. Rare were the parents that chose to raise them. I understand a little Italian, but it was still difficult to grasp it all. Thanks for the share.

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