Flash Movie Review: CHIPS

STEP by step I listened to them explain how they mapped out their career. I was actually curious because the methodology I was hearing was foreign to me, compared to my career route. I find it particularly fascinating when an individual knows what they want to do at an early age. You see I had assumed most people went through a series of professions before settling on one. When I was a kid I wanted to be an astronaut, a singer, a window washer, a dancer and a veterinarian among other things. A friend of mine wanted to be a doctor since he was a young boy and that is what he became. It makes me wonder how much does outside influences play on steering a person to a particular job field. For example a farmer who has children; does growing up in the environment automatically mean a person will take on the occupation associated with it? On my daily route to work I pass a billboard advertisement for a dentist’s office that has a picture of the dentists who are a father and his son. I wonder if the son really wanted to be a dentist or maybe he wanted to be something else.     I want to be clear that I am not judging any of the possibilities I have mentioned; however, one area where I could be judgmental is when a person chooses an occupation for ulterior motives. There is an individual I know distantly who chose a career in sales so they could travel and “safely” carry on affairs without anyone knowing, including his wife. I know, I agree with you as you are thinking he is a despicable individual. To me a job should be something you enjoy doing or at least it serves as a greater purpose for something you want to achieve in your future. The two main characters in this comedy came to the job with their own agendas.     Frank “Ponch” Poncherello and Jon Baker, played by Michael Pena (The Martian, End of Watch) and Dax Shepard (The Judge, Parenthood-TV), had different reasons becoming motorcycle officers for the California Highway Patrol. They also had different ways of doing it which was a problem since they were put together as partners. This action crime film was written and directed by Dax, loosely based on the television show. With Jessica McNamee (The Vow, The Loved Ones) as Lindsey Taylor, Adam Brody (Life Partners, Mr. & Mrs. Smith) as Clay Allen and Ryan Hansen (Central Intelligence, Veronica Mars-TV) as Brian Grieves; for the life of me I truly would like to know how the cast felt about doing this movie. Except for the chase scenes and cool looking motorcycles, there was nothing I enjoyed about this film. The script for the most part was written at an elementary school level; what was supposed to be humor I found offensive. I do not know how popular the TV show was when it aired; but I can only assume, based on what I saw in this awful movie, Jon and Ponch were “characters” and there would have been exciting action. That was not the case in this movie. If I were you I would keep driving and not get off the highway to see this picture.


1 ½ stars    




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  1. Probably a good idea. I like Dax in the Samsung commercials, but not much else. The TV show was fun. It was along the lines of Castle as I recall. Real crime, but good humor in the characters. Of course, in those days off color jokes weren’t common, so there wasn’t much to offend. They did their jobs but were shown as normal guys. Of course, I was young then and may have been viewing them with rose colored glasses.

  2. Every time I see the preview for this movie, I cringe. It is *nothing* like the CHIPS we remember on the television series. Why even name it that, right? I kind of thought it would be in poor taste. Glad I read your review. XOXO – Bacon’s MOM

  3. Thanks for the review! I always feel pulled to see these movies, simply for the sake of nostalgia, but I really hate that junior high crass humor, and movies that employ that to try and get a laugh. You have saved me from sitting through this one. Bless you.

  4. I don’t know why anyone thought that resurrecting this TV show as a movie was a good idea. The original show was pretty lacklustre in the first place. It frustrates me also that Michael Pena, who I actually think is a pretty decent actor, rarely crops up in great parts in good movies. He needs another agent.

  5. This movie was so awful that I felt like punching myself in the face afterwards for buying a $12 ticket.

    • You spent $12.00?!?! Oh I am so sad to hear it. Talk about a crime, the movie studio should have paid us to see this stinker. Thanks again for the comments.

  6. No need to subject yourself to this!

  7. Not a remake of Chips. I knew it would be a bomb.

  8. Action with comedy.wow.

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