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Flash Movie Review: Red Sparrow

FOR MANY YEARS I DID NOT realize the ability to “read” an individual was a gift. I just assumed everyone was capable of doing it. As a kid there was a teenage neighbor that was polite and quiet. I did not have much interaction with him; I thought it was due to the age difference. However I always got a cautious feeling when he was around me. I could not explain it but there was just something about him that made me wary of him. One day I was walking down the backstairs with a cousin when the neighbor appeared at the bottom of the stairs we were about to descend. Without warning the teenager threw a rock at us and hit my cousin in the forehead. As the two of us ran back up the stairs the neighbor ran out into the alley and disappeared. Another example of being able to see a person’s true self happened when a friend of mine started to date this man who right from the start was making her all these promises of what their life would be together. Really, I thought; it was not long into their new relationship when his true intentions came out. The guy told her his funds were temporary tied up and he needed $500.00. Need I go any further in this story?     SO THE ABILITY TO GET a sense of a person’s true intent is a valuable tool to include (if available) in one’s check off list when evaluating an individual. Now I do want to make it clear there is a distinction between “reading” a person and making a judgment about them. I do not believe my feelings about someone are written in stone; it may be only a feeling that causes me to be more cautious, but I do not assume the person is absolutely what I think they are in inside. Only time will tell the truth and even that is not always a given. I guess this is the area where one can only look for red flags, warnings that something is not right. I have heard just from my friends alone, so many stories about a person pretending to be someone they are not. It is even more prevalent on social media sites. And the ironic thing is this has been going on for such a long time; the only difference is there are now more people being duped who have stopped giving a person the benefit of the doubt, taking longer before they begin to trust someone. The main character in this mystery thriller will show you how it is done.     PRIMA BALLERINA DOMINIKA EGOROVA’S, played by Jennifer Lawrence (The Hunger Games franchise, Joy), career was cut short due to an accident during a performance. With no other means to support herself and her mother, she was ripe to be recruited into a special Russian spy program. She would become a quick learner. With Joel Edgerton (The Gift, Warrior) as Nate Nash, Matthias Schoenaerts (The Danish Girl, Rust and Bone) as Vanya Egorov, and Charlotte Rampling (45 Years, Never Let Me Go) as Matron; I thought the actors were well cast in this film. Granted Jennifer was the star of the story and gave it her best, but due to the uneven script I did not get totally wrapped up into the story. There were scenes that were intense but then we would go through a dull lull before something exciting happened again. I thought the story was sound but not everything clicked together in this picture. Also I felt the violence and sex on display were used as a distraction for the poorly written script. I had a sense this film would not match up to the excitement of the movie trailers; I guess I should listen to myself more often.


2 stars


Flash Movie Review: First Position

As a child I did not appreciate what the human body was capable of doing. I flunked my physical education high school class twice. Presently teaching yoga and cycling classes, I marvel at the ability and strength of the body. When I am a witness to an individual going beyond their perceived limits or to a group of cyclists sharing each other’s energy to reach the top of that hill; I find the power within each of us truly amazing. Whether it be in the venue of an individual sport or in the context of dance; it is that athlete’s determination and drive that propels them to be better than they were the previous time. This documentary focused on six dancers as they prepared for the Youth America Grand Prix competition. Years of hard work and dedication and they were given 5 minutes to show the results of their labors, that could change their lives forever. I was mesmerized as I watched how these individuals were able to overcome the challenges in their life and never lose focus on their passion to dance. From a war torn country where she saw her parents murdered, Michaela Deprince was out to prove that a ballet dancer like herself could be both graceful and powerful. Or Joan Sebastian Zamora who came from a poor family in Columbia, who wanted to succeed and be able to provide for his family. Even if you are not a fan of ballet take the opportunity to see this uplifting film. It is more about the power that is inside each of us and how we choose to use it.


3 1/3 stars

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