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Flash Movie Review: House of Pleasures

Except for the few who have retired I do not know anyone who does not need to work for a living. If I sit and think about it I believe I know at least one person who works in almost every industry, from medical to Fortune 500 to horticulture. Even a stay at home parent who is raising a child is doing a job in essence. It would never occur to me to judge a person based on their occupation, yet I see so many people who do that very thing. For some time now I still get amused by the reactions I get from people when I tell them what I do for a living. When I mention I am a credit manager the usual response I get is one of curiosity bordering on fear as if I can investigate their credit report. If I say I am a fitness/yoga instructor I either get a look of disbelief because I assume I do not look like a typical instructor or a look of admiration for lack of a better description. Now I am curious as anyone else so I enjoy asking a person what they do for a living because I want to know why they do what they do or how they wound up working in that industry. To me it is another avenue in getting to know someone. Also, I know there is a big difference between doing what you want as opposed to doing something because you have to survive.   EARLY in the 20th century women had less opportunity to make a living let alone stay alive. This award winning drama captured the look and feel of the time period. I had a general feeling of sadness as I watched this DVD because of the women’s circumstances. Starring Noemie Lvovsky (Camille Rewinds, My Old Lady) as Marie-France, Celine Sallete (Rust and Bone, Marie Antoinette) as Clotilde, Iliana Zabeth (Saint Laurent, Young & Beautiful) as Pauline and Hafsia Herzi (The Secret of the Grain, The Source) as Samira; I thought the acting was very good. It was not an easy story for me to watch personally just because I do not enjoy seeing anyone who is being taken advantage of and in this story there was an abundance of it. What I thought was a poor choice and ruined a scene for me was having these early 20th century women dancing to a piece of current music; it was so out of synch for what had been created that I found it jarring. The script kept a slow smoldering type of pace that did not provide for much action; almost all the scenes stayed in one location. Even now I am still processing the couple of bloody scenes and the ending because I do not feel complete with them. If one is uncomfortable with nudity there was a majority of it in this film. Without making a judgment I have to say life was much harder back then. French was spoken with English subtitles.


2 ½ stars – DVD




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