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Flash Movie Review: Once

When one hears the notes of a song harmonizing with their own heartbeat, it can be euphoric. Music is essential for me; I have songs that remind me of a number of friends, family members and past loves. This charming film to me was a musical, because the music was vital in moving the story along. The fact they cast musicians in the roles only added to the joy of watching and hearing this movie. When Glen Hansard, the male lead, was not fixing vacuum cleaners in his father’s store; he could be found on the streets of Dublin singing and playing his beaten up, old guitar. One day Marketa Irglova, the female lead, stopped to listen to his moving songs of love that immediately resonated with the chords of her own heart. From this crossing of paths, the two found the catalyst to push them closer to their dreams. Not typical Hollywood fare, this low budget independent film perfectly blended emotions into songs, which moved into scenes, that led to creative passion; all the while staying simple and real. This was a wonderful movie to watch, which allowed my heart to open up and replay some of its stored songs of love.


3 1/3 stars — DVD

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