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Flash Movie Review: A Dog’s Purpose

MADE especially for you by those knotted skinny fingers, you could only imagine it must have taken months to create the gift. She is one of your favorite relatives who always remembers you on holidays and your birthday. This year she knitted you a multi-colored, bulky sweater. You could tell immediately the sweater was going to be way too big even before you unfolded it. Holding it by the shoulders you lifted it up so the body of the sweater cascaded down like a flood. The array of colored yarns clashed in such a sharp way that your eyes squinted as a few dominant colors seemed to vibrate in their confined patch of the sweater’s landscape. Gratefully you were not asked to try on the massive sweater; you did not want her to feel any anxiety seeing you lost in the yards of yarn spinning around you. It is always the thought that counts and the fact that it must have taken her months to knit only affirmed the affection and love the two of you share for each other.   SINCE I believe there are no bad pets only bad owners, I keep the same attitude when I encounter someone’s dog or cat. I do not want the owner to know I am not fond of their pet; I simply remain quiet unless their pet is constantly jumping on me or is trying to bite me. Even the friends of mine who have dogs that greet you by sticking their snouts into your crotch are a bit annoying but still loveable. Having started out in veterinary science during my college years, I have always had a soft spot for animals. With that being said, I was looking forward to this comedic drama; however similar to what I said previously, I loved the dogs in this adventure film but was not fond of the script.   THE relationship between dogs and their owners is explored in this heartwarming film. Directed by Lasse Hallstrom (Salmon Fishing in the Yemen, Hachi: A Dog’s Tail) and starring Dennis Quaid (Frequency, Vantage Point) as Adult Ethan, Juliet Rylance (Frances Ha, Sinister franchise) as Ethan’s Mom and Luke Kirby (The Samaritan, Shattered Glass) as Ethan’s Dad; this movie based on the novel could have been a much better picture. I was aware of the controversy surrounding a video that recently popped up of one of the dogs, but I did not feel I had all the facts to make a proper decision yet. In the meantime the script was so heavy handed that it was dripping with cloying sweetness to purposefully pull at the viewer’s heartstrings. The story was predictable and kept everything in a narrow band of emotional depth; it could have been decent if the writers had backed off from focusing on manipulating the audience’s hearts and concentrate on telling a straightforward tale. I found myself getting bored though I mostly enjoyed Josh Gad’s (The Wedding Ringer, Love & Other Drugs) voicing of Bailey. Part of me wants to give a better rating for the dogs’ performances but I know I need to be impartial. The movie studio may have had good intentions but the end result did not fit together very well.


1 ¾ stars  



Flash Movie Review: Sinister

There is something about being frightened that cleanses the body. Like when a car is taken out on the highway to blow out the carburetor, there is a rush of adrenalin that opens up the arteries; making the senses clearer. Whether you get your scary thrills from roller coasters, haunted houses or something like mountain climbing; this suspenseful movie will provide a fright. Normally this would not be the type of movie I would quickly run out and see; but, I was glad I saw it at the theater. Crime novelist Ellison Oswalt, played by Ethan Hawke (Training Day, Before Sunset), moved his family into a house where a murder had taken place. Knowing how they would react, he did not tell them about the crime. Ellison planned on researching the event for his next book. When he discovered a box of old home movies left in the attic, their viewing revealed a pattern of clues that would directly affect his family. There were key elements that made this a better than average movie. First, let me talk about the script. The story was solid, providing the characters with a range of depth. Ethan was excellent and believable as the novelist desperate for another best selling book. Juliet Rylance (Animal) as his wife Tracy was a good counterpoint to his character. I found the filming was superb in creating atmosphere, with shades of darkness and muted colors. Also, the soundtrack was an excellent accompaniment to the emotional scenes, never becoming overpowering or intrusive. With any movie of this type, one must be lenient with their common sense. Once done, this horror film will grab your attention and get your blood pumping. Contains scenes of violence and blood.

3 stars

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