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Flash Movie Review: The Double Hour

When the mind is no longer tethered to the body it is free to go anywhere it desires, I guess. From the variety of movies I have seen to stories I have read, there has been a multitude of descriptions given about people’s experiences when they had a near death experience. Some of the things mentioned were a white light, peaceful place, deceased relatives who came back to life and so on. I personally have not actually heard about an experience from someone I know until now. A friend recently was rushed to the hospital due to heart issues. Their heart had stopped beating 3 separate times and gratefully the hospital staff was able to bring them back to life. They of course did not know any of this had happened at the time, but the story they told me was surreal. During these episodes and the coma it put them in they thought they were at a café, sitting indoors at one of those small metal tables they call, “ice cream parlor” tables; they are usually small in diameter with enough room for only 2 people to sit at them. There were a steady stream of customers coming in and out, ordering different beverages and desserts. They could not understand why the staff was all dressed in white colored outfits; at one point they told me they thought it was odd that one of the staff members looked like a nurse but she was mean to everyone. As for the beverages, my friend said he hated the one he had ordered because it was too cold, causing a brain freeze. I sat there listening to this tale with its colorful descriptions of objects and the bustling activity that seemed to only go on for a couple of hours in their mind, yet lasted in reality over a period of 3 days. The things the mind can do are pretty amazing, wouldn’t you agree? Please take a look at what happens in this dramatic mystery for another example.   SURVIVING a traumatic experience Sonia, played by Ksenia Rappoport (The Unknown Woman, Yuri’s Day); started to experience some disturbing visions that seemed real to her. This film festival winner from Italy had a straightforward story with several twists in it. With Filippo Timi (The American, As God Commands) as Guido, Antonia Truppo (They Call Me Jeeg Robot, Lo Spazio Bianco) as Margherita and Fausto Russo (Vincere, Bread and Tulips) as Bruno; I thought the acting was excellent, especially by Ksenia. I liked the whole atmosphere of this crime film with its close-up shots, quiet moments and film noir flavorings. There were some parts of the story that did not work as well and I have to tell you I originally was disappointed towards the end because I wanted the story to end a different way. Once I let go of that feeling I actually was okay with the way the story turned out. Little did I know as I was watching this crime story that it would be playing with my mind. Italian and Spanish spoken with English subtitles.


3 stars — DVD



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