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Flash Movie Review: Cop Car

Bombs were splattering their contents all around me. Luckily I had scoped out the area so I had my escape route planned out before settling into my current hiding spot. The rest of my team was spread out but we had a plan to regroup in case the enemy overpowered us. I fell back and raced to the rope bridge that would get me to higher ground. Making my way across it I glanced down to see the gaping valley below was barren; there was no place for anyone to take cover. As I reached the top I bounded across these odd wooden slats, trying to keep the soles of my shoes from announcing my location. Up ahead my fellow warriors were huddled together near a cold fire pit. We decided to fan out in two groups to circle around our aggressors and capture them from behind. There was a cave down to the north, but it was actually a tunnel that would take us all the way to the back of the mountain. The problem was to get down, we would have to scale down the side of the mountain with our backs exposed; it was a dangerous undertaking but it was the only way. It was a treacherous climb but we did it, creeped around and captured the enemy. Since it was already late in the day we all decided we better get home and get ready for dinner; our parents would be worrying about us. What I just described took place around a large apartment building from the neighborhood where I grew up. My friends and I had hours of fun with our imaginations.    WHILE 10 year old friends Travis and Harrison, played by relative newcomers James Freedson and Hays Welford, were working on their escape they came across an abandoned police car. They now had a getaway car but their escape would turn into a chase when Sheriff Kretzer, played by Kevin Bacon (My One and Only, Mystic River), came back to find his squad car was missing. This film festival nominated thriller had a simple, bare bones story; I felt I was watching an old “B” movie. I enjoyed the way the writers let the audience know right upfront what the characters were like, so as the film progressed we felt we knew the true character of the players. I rather relished the tenseness I was experiencing as I wanted to warn the kids to watch out. With Shea Whigham (Take Shelter, Silver Linings Playbook) as the man, I thought the acting was real good in this slower paced type of thriller. The way the kids were playacting connected me to some of my memories when I was a child with a vivid imagination. It is funny because I never imagined I would have enjoyed this film as much as I did. There were several scenes with blood in them.


2 2/3 stars




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