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Flash Movie Review: Bliss

Under no circumstances do I wish to offend anyone’s beliefs or customs. For myself there are several traditions I continue today from my upbringing. I do them more out of respect for my ancestors than for me. It has always fascinated me how traditions have evolved with the times. What may have served a purpose in olden times may not be relevant to the way we live now. Also, I always had an issue with being told to do something based on ancient doctrine. Being a storyteller I know my choice of verbiage can slant a story to a particular opinion. Regarding written documentation, I always digest it with a grain of salt. If someone had to tell the story and someone had to write it down; what were the chances the story could be embellished? In this film festival winner, I was mortified by such old customs being practiced. Ozgu Namal (Beynelmilel, Not Worth a Fig) played the daughter Meryem who was found raped and unconscious. Because her family believed it was her fault, the only way they could expel the shame brought onto the family was to have the girl killed. The job fell to Cemal, played by Murat Han (Kardelen, Sobaka), upon his return from active military duty. Cemal was to take Meryem and travel from their small village to Istanbul, where he was to execute her. This beautifully filmed drama with its hypnotic musical score laid out equal sides between old customs and modern thinking. The acting was wrought with vivid emotions, adding to the sense of doom. As a complete story I found it too melodramatic with a quick and tidy ending. However, that did not bother me since the movie’s story drew me in. Personally I have a hard time when people are treated less than equal and where people are quick to judge. That is what I believe. Turkish with English subtitles.


3 stars — DVD

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